Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Autoimmune Awareness Month: The Spoon Theory

When I was first learning about Sjögren's & Lupus, I was nauseated by all the cheesy images in support groups. I didn't want people to see me as someone who was sick and tired of no one appreciating how sick and tired I am.

I came across The Spoon Theory and rolled my eyes. People with autoimmune disease often use The Spoon Theory to illustrate the way they have to carefully choose activity because once their spoons are gone, that's it.

The story goes that a girl is sitting in a diner with her friend, and her friend really wants to know what it's like to have Lupus. Finally the girl grabs all the spoons she can, hands them to her friend and says, "You have Lupus. Now everything you do will cost you a spoon."

It's hard to understand the sort of fatigue that comes with autoimmune disease. Everyone thinks they understand being really tired, but it isn't the same.

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People have latched onto the spoon symbol and call themselves "Spoonies" as a sort of...way of identifying with each other. I no longer roll my eyes about it because it's true. You only have so many spoons and when they're gone, you're done for the day. If you borrow spoons from tomorrow, it isn't going to feel good.