Sunday, March 27, 2011

Happy Birthday, Leta!

The events of Saturday, March 27th 2004

8am-Still pregnant. Breakfast with the family
10am-Waddling through the grocery store for some last minute items with mom.
12:30pm-Lunch with Mom's friend Leah at Monty's, where I downed a mocha and a breakfast burrito. Still pregnant.
2:30pm-Drove by the house I liked and headed over to a photography exhibition.
2:31pm-Looking at photography, listening to hippie music and feeling trouble brewing. Beads of sweat forming on brow.
3:00pm-THERE WAS NO BATHROOM. That's when we went back home.
3:30pm-Announced that we should get ready to go.
3:45pm-I was kneeling on the floor with my upper body on the seat of a rocking chair, breathing and rocking through some very uncomfortable contractions and Jason was looking for a watch.
4:00pm-Contractions were 1 minute long and 5 minutes apart. TIME TO GO, LIKE I SAID... ;)
4:05pm-I remember gripping the door handle through contractions on the way to the hospital and listening to The Cure.
4:30pm-Arrival at St. Mary's
4:45pm-Jason helped me into my gown and they checked my cervix in triage. 5cm.
5:00pm-Checking out the luxurious birthing room with the whirlpool and leather couches.
5:00:10pm-My back was in nonstop agony and I couldn't tell when the contractions began and ended and I did NOT want that stupid heart monitor strapped around my belly...
5:20pm-I tried out the tub. It felt pretty good although the PRESSURE was unbearable.
5:30pm-I couldn't stand the tub. I was overheating and wanted more control/stability during contractions. AND THE PRESSURE!!!
5:45pm-My wonderful fantastic superb sympathetic doctor broke my water--YEAH!!!!! Relief! One of those things people don't think is a good idea but OH EM GEE was it ever a good idea. Oh but wait--she discovered the baby's head was facing wrong direction...I gave a push and she turned it around for me, and VOILA--no more back pain! <3
6:00pm-9cm dilated...
6:15pm-This is when I couldn't seem to hold back my urge to push. I was on all fours and could no longer control my breathing.
6:25pm-Time to push! They said things like "push like you have to poop"--um..."chin down, hold your breath while you push! Relax those legs(this is hard to do...) It's coming"
6:35pm-"that's it! Just like the last one, that was great!" the unmistakable burning sensation now...and I heard them commenting on how much hair was on the baby's head...
6:46pm-Leta's head was born! Yes!
6:47pm-The rest of Leta was born! Jason and I cried tears of joy and incredible relief...
7:00pm-I was rewarded with a bagel and apple juice and it was glorious.

I had no tearing, no stitches...not even enough swelling to warrant the usual frozen diaper treatment.

There were times when I felt guilty about having such easy labors with all the kids but I just have to appreciate it.

Leta was born with black hair, a dimple and hairy little shoulders. She practically came out saying, "OooOOOOooh, that's cuuuuUUUUuute!"

Leta has always been a great company shopping, having lunch, having coffee... And right now she's making it very hard to write this so I guess I better go actually spend time with the birthday girl! Hopefully I will have time to write when the party is over.

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Just me again said...

LOVE your birth stories!

Happy Birthday Leta!