Sunday, June 06, 2010

Dreams and Church

Two things today:

1) I've been having vivid dreams every night and thought it might be fun to start a dream drawing/comic diary. I might incorporate it here. Some of them are rather disturbing, though.

2) This is for those of you who go to church: What do you like the most about your church? What do you look for in a church?


Madamina said...

I don't regularly go to church for church's sake, but I'm a paid choir soloist pretty frequently. Usually I go to Christ Presbyterian on E. Gorham, which is a wonderful place.

I think the music is very important to me, personally. I grew up in a musical environment (my mom was also a soloist) and if there was one thing that drove me nuts, it was "cheap" music. "Christmas Calypso"??? Please. If you're going to glorify the Lord, GLORIFY the LORD!

I know a lot of people there feel the same way -- for them, church IS music, and vice versa. It's a way to really let the feelings move through you and express things you don't know how to say.

Christ Pres. is a very friendly place for just about everyone. It's the little touches -- activity bags for the kids with little toys and crayons, a pastor/outreach coordinator who focuses on internationals (from the university and otherwise), etc. They have a "three-minute rule" which states that people should take the three minutes after the service to chat with people they don't know instead of just finding the people they do. People are always saying hello and asking how long we've been attending, what kinds of things we like, where we're from -- not creepily, just being genuinely friendly. They encourage everyone, baptized or not, to come up for communion, and they take time to examine why and how they do their services so they can do it in a way that's most meaningful.

In contrast, when I went to Grace Episcopal on the square... well, first off, the choir was all over the place and everyone sort of threw up their hands. They also had little things here and there that made me wonder how much they paid attention -- everyone was drinking from the same communion cup, even though people were coughing and sneezing all over the place! Wiping is not going help that much! I know that when they were there they were trying to find a new priest after a pretty tough run, but the larger community felt really rattled and kind of... accepting their fate. As if there wasn't anything they could do. It was kind of dark and dreary and without a lot of purpose.

Most of all, when I go to Christ Pres I like being around a group of such good people. I know that we're all there for the same reason: we want to be in a community that cares for each other and thinks good things about the world. It makes me feel healthy inside; it's a really refreshing way to start the week.

joven said...

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Anonymous said...

Peace... thats what I find a in church!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Madamina completly and my church is Presbyterian too. Very friendly and great children's programs. Songs (Hymns) are very meaningful and bring tears to my eyes many times. Especially ones I remember from family funerals or my parents favorites. I think it effects you more as you get older.. Our church is very community friendly too. We have many programs there.. Entertainment and speakers brought in during the winter months. Travel trips planned, and a big day care facility. We take in 20 new menbers every month.. We are growing like mad..

I rarely miss a Sunday because it makes my day complete..
Try it will like it !!!

yermomma said...

I go to the church of my back woods. I don't need a building. I much prefer our beautiful earth and nature.