Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Great Exchange

Do you understand what it means when people say that Jesus died for your sins? Does it make sense to you? Does it also make sense that before Jesus did this, people needed to sacrifice animals? What is God's currency? How does this work? I'm sitting here with all of these pieces trying to put this together and so far it's a pile of crap! If you've put it together, lend me a hand. Thanks.


Jessica said...

I always understood it as, unless you were absolutely perfect and led a perfect life, had perfect thoughts, that even one sin would condemn you to hell. You would never be worthy enough to get into heaven on your own accord and would have to go through all the pain and trial that await a sinful soul. I'm not exactly clear on sacrificing an animal, but I assume the animal represents in innocent and sinless soul which takes on your sins of the-lets say the week- and in sacrificing it, the animal's soul will take your place in hell or everlasting death and you get to start the week out fresh. What Jesus did, was he led that perfect life that is is impossible for the rest of us to accomplish. Then he willingly took on all the sins of all man past, present and future and died for us, so that as long as we believe he did this for us, we will be forgiven if we ask for it. The best part is, Jesus rose from the dead and now is a living spirit in heaven. He paved the way for the rest of us so that when our physical body dies, our soul is clensed and we get to go to heaven without all the pain and horribleness and death that would otherwise accompany a sinful soul. Because Jesus willingly took on our sins and payed the price for us, we can all be delivered into heaven. And have everlasting life. I think one of the major reasons God did this was because the sacrificial lamb probably wasnt enough. If you asked forgiveness and sacrificed on sunday, but died on a wednesday, you would still have to die and experience the trials of hell because you still were not clean. I'm also thinking of the poor that could not afford, or had no animals to sacrifice--good people that loved God, but were still imperfect. Jesus took care of all that when he died for us.
This is my own interpritation, but that is how I understand it. I am unclear if precrucifixion, if a soul died did they experience hell until thier sins were paid and THEN went to heaven, or if they were just damned because they sinned at all. I'm not sure and would be something to ask. I just know that no one was able to enter heaven as a perfect soul without Jesus sacrificing himself to save us.

amy said...

Who knows if there even was a Jesus? He could be a fictional character from a story book that is used to teach lessons and instill in young minds the importance of being good. You could pick the whole Bible apart and find that most of it is not only ridiculous, but impossible! Catholicism is, at its' roots, the same as any other major religion, just with a Jesus mascot. The only thing that makes it real is one's belief in it. Not a whole lot different than Santa Claus, but at least with Santa you don't have to spend your whole life feeling immense guilt, and the rewards of being good come at predictable times.

Jessica said...

hm. Well, this is how I see it. There is nothing wrong with having something to belive in and should I die and find out I was wrong all along, I can just say that I have wasted a little time. On the other hand, if I am right I know where I will be and I can only hope that everyone will be there with me.

Oh, I asked a couple of people about the sacrificial lamb before Jesus and was unable to get a stright answer other than my interpritation is not "quite right." Now I kind of want to ask someone that I know can explain it correctly, though I don't think I am completely wrong. These are the times I miss my sister. She was such a studier of the word and was always able to answer my questions without bias.

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Michael Owen said...

God is good. God is great. He gave each of us bodies to take care of while we were here. Are you taking care of yours?