Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Great Exchange

Do you understand what it means when people say that Jesus died for your sins? Does it make sense to you? Does it also make sense that before Jesus did this, people needed to sacrifice animals? What is God's currency? How does this work? I'm sitting here with all of these pieces trying to put this together and so far it's a pile of crap! If you've put it together, lend me a hand. Thanks.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

This comic isn't very funny.

I had this nightmare over and over from about age 4 to age 7. Feeling lost and abandoned was so terrifying. I was so relieved to find someone I could trust who would help me.

The people who I thought were most trustworthy became monsters.

I still feel this way about many Christians. My childhood nightmare has me always waiting for them to reveal their vampire teeth.

I'm trying to get over it. After all, my beloved family members love Jesus, and they are good people, along with so many of my friends and acquaintances. I'm trying to understand, and let go of this paranoia.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

For Sarah, who needs me to draw her a comic from time to time.

We used to sit for hours drawing comics while out for coffee, and she requested a comic of the spider killing that went down the other day at Chez Samsa.

Yep. I was brave.

Love, yer mom

Today I am thinking about my mother, who makes the best: chocolate chip bars, chicken salad, egg rolls, chicken-broccoli-cheese casserole, toast, grilled cheese, French toast, soup of any kind, and you know? She just does it better, whatever it is.

My mom always liked it when we were weird. Instead of telling me to go change, she would take pictures and chuckle to herself before I left the house in slip-dresses, combat boots, tube socks, holy sweaters, ridiculous hats, satin gloves, whatever else... When I came home with a shaved head, every time, instead of grounding me or lecturing me she'd say, "Well you can thank me for that beautifully shaped head!" When, at fifteen, my boyfriend was full of tattoos and piercings and crayon red hair, she said, "I know that the clean-cut boys can be the worst of all." I remember that conversation well.

She's a cool lady and artist and I hope she's having a good day today!


I'm also thinking of all those other mothers in my life today who all had their part in getting me here. Ladies, thank you!!! Grandmas, step-moms, in-laws, mothers of friends! You are awesome.

I'm thinking of all the people who are missing their moms today.

I'm thinking of all the mothers who are missing their children today.

I'm thinking of all the wonderful women I know who are discovering themselves as mothers.

I'm thinking of all the mothers who aren't yet mothers and hoping...


I'm thinking of my kids, and rejoicing in their presence in my life. I really needed them even though I didn't know it! They have given a depth to every emotion I did not fully understand until the day I became a mother.

Today I am thankful for the mother I have and I'm thankful for the children whose mother I am, and I'm thankful for the amazing husband who made me a mother!

I love you all!
Happy Mother's Day!


Monday, May 03, 2010

Let's talk about COMMUNION.

Do you take communion? Do you understand what it means? Do you think you're literally eating the flesh of Christ?

I think I understand communion now. But I don't think YOU do. BOY, it's easy to feel that way, isn't it? How does your church do communion?

What is the deal with closed communion? That makes me scratch my head. Seriously, people. What an act of supreme snobbery. Is this really a problem? Too many hungry bums coming in off the street or something? What if one of them was Jesus?