Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Healthy 6yo Leta

Leta had her six year well child visit today with Dr. Dude. It was so nice to bring a child to the doctor and not have to hold anyone down or explain in five billion ways how something needs to happen. Leta was as happy as could be in pigtails and her favorite dress, drawing pictures in my Moleskine.

She's tall and skinny.

She doesn't have a television in her bedroom and she eats meals with the family. Dr. Dude said somethingsomething about those things being connected with childhood obesity.

He said she's probably getting close to ready to be out of the booster seat in the car (even though she's not eight years old or 80 lbs.) But she's pretty tall... And Mina's even taller... But I've already told the children they must stay in their boosters until they are 8 years old. I think I'm going to have to stick with that because it's what they've accepted, and they like looking forward to those kinds of milestones.

Her back is fine, her hearing is fine, everything is perfectly healthy. I asked about the thing on her finger and he said it was a wart and he wasn't even going to say anything about it and it's nothing to worry about.

He asked me if the doctor I've been seeing told me she was leaving. NO, she didn't. I didn't really know what to do with that information. Nothing to be done I guess but I can't help but feel kind of anxious because my therapist is also going to be done in June and I think I'm just going to be done going to residents/trainees because I don't like this kind of change all that much!

Leta got a book and two stickers for a job well done. No shots.

Hot fudge sundae afterward.

I think she likes going to the doctor.

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