Thursday, March 04, 2010

List Madness

Back in high school my friends and I really liked making ridiculous lists. Usually short ones while out for coffee.

However, one winter, I--with the help of many friends many times--made a list of 705 things to be happy about and 705 things to be depressed about.

I'm reading the latter and cracking up.

150: Chester Copperpot
152: Golf
158: When what you thought was black ends up being brown
175: Stuff floating in your water
177: When Full House makes you cry
183: Ballpoint pens
209: Fear of sleep
323: "The nothing"
416: Ketchup juice
435: School spirit

Just to be fair I'll name some from the happy list:

62. New socks (still one of my very favorite things)
101. Cute old ladies
125. Pink fuzzy PJs
272. Kurt's seasoning (on your mother-in-law)
325. Happy little foothills
558. No naughty cats (why was this funny? I think it had something to do with Dave Bogan)
574. Hamburger fantasies

There were actually a lot of things that made both lists. I think probably most things in life a person could be happy or sad about.

You know, like zoos, or money, or birds at dawn.

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