Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mary's Family Restaurant

Mary's Family Restaurant in Appleton, WI has magical chicken dumpling soup. When I moved to Madison it was one of the things I craved every time I was sick. I didn't WANT homemade soup. I didn't want soup from a can, either. Heck, I didn't want soup with actual chicken in it! And I REALLY didn't want it to be a natural color. I wanted neon yellow dumpling soup from Mary's.

My mom used to buy it for me and bring it home and it was one of the things she did that I will always appreciate and remember fondly. Food is love!

Today I'm thankful that Mary's is still there after all these years because today my friend Kelly brought me a big bucket of The Soup. (THANKS KELLY!) I haven't tried it yet, but you know, I'm just glad it exists!

There are so many places and things from my childhood that are disappearing and I love finding out that some things haven't changed. Even as I become more mature and discerning with my soup, and really prefer my own soup that I've lovingly made from scratch, there will always be something magical about that electric yellow Mary's chicken dumpling.

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Jessica said...

I need to visit Appleton. Since I shcool my son through there and you always have good stories.