Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Eczema on the face

Cullen and I took Mina to the doctor today because she's having some eczema problems on her face. Well, all over, really, but I can treat the rest of her body. I can't put triamcinolone on her face. Dr. Dude prescribed desonide. Very interesting, I know.

We also talked about the bed-wetting. He doesn't think it's time to worry yet but the first thing to do is have Mina put her sheets in the basket when they're wet. Not as a punishment, but because as a seven year old she is capable of taking care of some things herself. He prescribed desmopressin for sleepovers or trips to grandma's or whatever... [Mom is thinking: too bad she didn't have that last weekend...]

She'll have another blood test after eight more weeks of eating gluten.

Wow, aren't trips to the doctor fascinating? They are when you want to look back and figure out when who had what going on.

Good night, all.

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Anonymous said...

Bedwetting can be caused by allergies, either food or environmental, and that could account for the eczema, too.