Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Breaking the silence

Bits of tid.

1. For the last week our dinners have included gluten. Mina is pretty thrilled about this and tells me every night how yummy our dinner is. I love this.

2. This morning was the big annual IEP meeting and I think it went rather well. This is where you get together with a bunch of people (Social worker, classroom teacher, sp. ed. teacher, physical therapist and occupational therapist were there this morning) and write up the goals for the next school year. It's a pretty big deal. I was 45 minutes early this morning! I have a disease, truly. But I got to sit in the teacher's lounge, drinking soda and coffee and eating candy. Teachers know how to live, man.

3. The physical therapist told me that after she got a perm Mina asked, "Why does your hair look like a blob?" Thankfully the PT has a sense of humor! She also told her she thinks PT is fun. The PT asked, "Did you tell your mom that?" and she replied, "My mom doesn't have to know everything." !!! Indeed.

4. This morning Leta asked for eggs for breakfast. I made the eggs and she hugged me and thanked me for them. I should make eggs every morning. Better yet, Jason should make eggs for Leta when he makes his eggs! :D


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