Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A nice gesture and a mean gesture

Once upon a time when Jason first stopped eating wheat, I decided to stop eating it, too. I lasted about three days, until I was laying in bed sobbing uncontrollably. Jason asked me what was wrong and at first I was too ashamed to say, but eventually I told him that I couldn't stop thinking about oreos. Oreos, a food that I never ate, never liked before. He told me that I didn't have to do this, and that his reward was that he felt less pain, and that made it easier for him to do it. The next day he came home with a big, fat, fudgy, delicious brownie for me.

I loved that.

After that I ate wheat occasionally and it ma-----

Stop the press. Oh this is great. I'm listening to Mina and Leta talk in bed. Leta was talking about being excited for April Fools Day tomorrow.

Mina: Do you know how I'm going to fool mom? (She told me today that she was going to fool me and she wouldn't give me any clues)
Leta: How?
Mina: I'm going to wear a sheet and she's going to think I'm a GHOST.
Leta: Remember, Mom can hear everything we say...?
Mina: ...

heeheeee... I have to think of something good...

Hooray, She's IN!

Leta had Kindergarten screening today. I almost forgot about it, actually, despite getting a confirmation call yesterday...
After we dropped Mina off at school this morning, Leta asked, "Mom, what are we going to do that's FUN today?" and because I'm colorless and vile I said, "Nothing, Leta. Nothing."
We drove home and it was then that I realized that Leta had Kindergarten screening at 9:15, and I pretty much just brought everyone in, used the bathroom, and loaded everyone up again.

I realized while we were there (and I was chasing Cullen around the library while Leta was tested) that I had arranged for Laura to watch Cullen that morning. Oops!

Anyway, Leta did well and they're going to let her start Kindergarten in the fall. ;) I'm glad "shoe tying" isn't on the test... I remember when Mina was being tested and I had NO IDEA what the heck all this testing was about. Somehow I read somewhere that they did things like see if they could tie their shoes, and I started panicking because yeah... I mean... We hadn't really been working on that so much as we were working on, oh, responding when a person says something, and taking turns, and that kind of thing...

Two down, one to go. This fall Mina and Leta will be in school full time and it will just be me and the boy! I think Cullen will be sad about that. I'll have to make it up to him somehow...

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Old timey journalin'

I once read my great-grandmother's diary and it was all about who was sick when and what the weather was doing. That's what this blog is starting to feel like.

Leta is sick with a fever, cough, stuffy nose... Mina was fever-free for a couple of days, and then today she wouldn't get out of bed. I thought she was just having some inertia problems. Mornings are hard, you see. But when she was still in bed at 11:30 I thought perhaps this is something more serious. I took her temperature, and sure enough, it was back up to 102.2... I asked her if she felt like she was getting better and she said she was getting sicker. I asked where, and she circled her chest. I gave her some motrin and took her temp again while she slept. It went down to 100.9. A few minutes later she came out, in a pretty good mood, and I poured a bowl of cereal for her, which she is eating now.

So, Dr. Internet, what are your guesses? Pneumonia? Another virus? Still just flu? I am starting to doubt whether she'll be going to school tomorrow.

And Leta is being a total crab. Usually she's kind of sweet when she's sick.

And Cullen's nose is running today, too.

And there is fresh snow on the ground.

I'm ready for summer.

Friday, March 27, 2009

A little late, maybe

But I have to sneak this in...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LETA! I can't believe you are five already. You are my sweet, cuddly, sometimes bossy, always helpful, incredibly mature little buddy. I would be so lost without you to help your sister, play with your brother, clean up messes, provide sparkling conversation, and dress up like a super girly girl with me every day. You are such an amazing little person and I have missed you the whole time you have been gone today.

Love, Mama

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Not Good, Good

Last night Mina's fever was gone, and I hadn't given her anything since around 1pm. I was pretty excited thinking she turned a corner. BUT... This morning at 4:30 she was up crying about not feeling well. Sure enough, when I took her temp, it was 102.9.

The GOOD news is that I heard from Happy Bambino about what month they want me to show my artwork: MAY! That means that my opening night will be on Gallery Night, May 1st. I encourage you all to go visit some galleries for Gallery Night. You can look at art and have plenty to eat and drink. I'll post more details in a bit but for now, you know that you need to clear your plans for May 1st, arrange for a sitter or bring the kids--this is a family friendly event, after all!

Okay. Time to get ready for school.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Fun, Not Fun

Saturday night Jason and I met old friends out for dinner and drinks. What a great time! Thanks to Sarah, Mike, Erika, Chris, and Jack... You should all come to Madison every year for Sarah's birthday. The hangover--not so great. And getting up with Mina at 3am wasn't fun.

Mina has had a fever ever since. It gets better for a couple of hours and when the meds wear off it rapidly climbs up to 102-103F. I got some Tylenol today so I can alternate Tylenol and Motrin. She's been laying around, sleeping a lot, not eating. Coughing. I took her to see Dr. Awesome today and she said there's been lots of stuff going around. But her ears are fine, her lungs are fine, her throat doesn't look bad. She said if the fever doesn't get better after five days then come back, or if she isn't responding to meds to come back.

Leta is really in need of some attention.

Today I cut my Wellbutrin dosage in half. I'm actually taking Bupropion SR... generic. Anyway... going to once a day. Then maybe none. We'll see how it goes. Dr. Dude says lots of people just take it in the winter.

Well, that's all folks. I'm not feeling the blog love lately. It'll come back...

Thursday, March 19, 2009


I went to see Dr. Dude today and he gave me some homework. Are you ready?

I have to go do something one night per week and have Jason put the kids to bed. Sorry Jason, doctor's orders! ;)

In other news, Mina and Leta really want to go to Little Amerricka this summer. Mina made little pictures of the rides and passed out tickets. I didn't even point out that Little Amerricka doesn't have tickets, they have wrist bands. I'm an awesome mom.

Mina: Leta, if you don't do anything naughty next week, you'll get a chance to go here. (points to ticket)
Leta: Gwahwahwoowhaah!
Mina: WHAT DID YOU SAY? YOU HAVE TO ANSWER ME RIGHT! If you're good the whole next week, you'll get a ticket. But not today. You have to be good for the whole next week. Okay? Okay? Okay? OKAAAY?!!!
Leta: I'm telling mom.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Random pictures from this month...

Mina does dozens of these projects every day. She whines about being hungry and wants more stuff to eat, more, more, more, and then all of a sudden it's quiet except for the sound of scissors, paper and tape...

This is a house. It is beautiful and I love it so much.

Even more amazing is that she's doing this with a patch over her good eye.

This is a big dog and a little tiny guy who live inside the house.

When Cullen eats yogurt he holds the spoon in one hand, and uses the other to scoop up the yogurt. I hope he can get this figured out by the time he is eighteen.

I love Smartwool!

Mina in the middle of the night just before all the vomit started.

I was trying to get a picture of them both sleeping but Leta's "photo-dar" went off and she bolted upright.

This is how happy I am when I'm up all night with sick kids.

This is what Cullen thinks about crayons. Again, I hope he gets this figured out by the time he is eighteen.

And now I must go to sleep!

Cullen Says

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I should change the name of this blog

to something more appropriate, like, "SICK KIDS".

They all seemed kind of off but I was thinking maybe it's the end of the winter or something, and Cullen teething...

Tuesday night Cullen didn't go down very well. He kept waking and crying inconsolably every hour/couple of hours. Mina woke around 2 and started yelling about not feeling well, feeling like throwing up. I thought she might be hungry because she hardly had anything to eat for dinner. I kept telling her she was fine, just getting all anxious and she just needed to relax. This is because Mina has problems with her tummy a lot at night-time... Anyway, I gave up at some point and just sat in the livingroom with her. Leta kept getting up too saying she was scared, and with Mina being sick and Cullen crying I did NOT have the patience for "scared".

Around 4:30am Mina got up from the couch with her bowl and projectile vomited so that some splashed onto the floor. Then again in the hallway just outside the bathroom. She felt much better after that! She was quarantined in the bathroom while I went to work cleaning up. I'm getting pretty good at cleaning up vomit.

Leta probably didn't get more than a couple of hours of sleep, but I had her go to preschool anyway... Leta wanted to bring a bowl into the car with her "Just in case", I thought, because Mina had one. When I picked Leta up later her teacher told me Leta was saying something about throwing up but she seemed to feel fine so she wasn't sure what was going on. I said, "Oh she was probably talking about Mina."

In the car on the way home I asked Leta what she had for a snack. I heard a "Nng." I asked again and she said, "NNG!" and then I heard this sort of trickling water sound. When I checked the mirror I saw that her little head was buried in her bowl as she silently puked her guts out. Poor kid. I was glad I'd "humored" her this morning when she wanted to bring a bowl into the car!

She told me that she threw up in her jacket at school too, but didn't tell anyone because she was embarrassed! Yuck. This jacket has been washed so many times, it is starting to fall apart and it's only a few months old.

Anyway, today everyone is feeling great. Mina is at school, Leta is still home as it hadn't been 24 hours yet this morning, and Cullen is back to his normal self.

Monday, March 09, 2009

I'm not a lefty

Just so you know. I'm watching CSI and they determined that because the deceased was wearing his watch on his right hand that he was a lefty. When I wear a watch I wear it on my right hand. I didn't even know the difference until some time in the last few years. I tried wearing it on my left hand but it just felt so wrong.

Good News

Two things!

Last night I did not feed Cullen when he woke up crying. Because I'd been drinking beer all afternoon/evening, I was pretty relaxed and I think that helped. I think this is the week I will put a stop to all this nonsense. Then I'll write a book about how to wean your kids from nighttime feedings with good old fashioned alcohol abuse. Right after I write that book about how to potty train them with chocolate chip bribery. Mother of the year, here I come!!!

I really feel better than I have in a long time. I feel pretty good, at my core, at my foundation. I'm depressed and anxious and stressed about things, in response to things, in situations, and that is a good thing. It is so good to be feeling a wide range of emotions in response to life, as opposed to continuous crippling despair that is there from the moment you wake until the moment you slumber and probably still then, too, varying only to get WORSE when life is difficult. It's hard to do any problem solving when the waters are so muddy.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

The Most Boring Post Everrrr!!!

I feel like I've been writing this whole time, but I guess I haven't. I do that in conversation all the time. I feel like I've been adding to the conversation, but really I've just been listening and thinking.


What have I been up to?

Wednesday... I had an appointment with Dr. Dude. Feeling pretty normal, except when I'm not, and then I'm really really not. So, I'm working on feeling good and coping better when I'm not, or when I am in a high stress situation such as Mina screaming for an hour because Leta touched her, and I'm working on better communication with the husband, and I'm working on getting out more with the husband, and whipping him into shape when he needs it. ;) We took the girls to their first swimming lesson and they were so great! Later Jason and I watched The Dark Knight.

Thursday... I did lots of cleaning. Very exciting.

Friday... I paid lots of bills. It was a lovely day and I stayed inside with the shades drawn, in my ugly sweater, feeling like a big pile of crap. Nice. I went to Happy Bambino to get an application for their artsy mamas and papas gallery. Then I decided to just do it via email.

Today we went to the Y so Jason could help the girls practice what they learned in swimming lessons. I followed Cullen around. It was kind of fun to just follow his lead in a big place like that. Every time someone walked by they'd say hi to him and talk all cutesy to him, and he kept doing this hilarious thing where he put his hand up to his eyebrow and with his head down, looked up. One lady said, "Oh, no... Is he sad?" and I said, "Oh, he's just being shy..." but I think he was really thinking, "OH, BROTHER..."

There, I broke the ice.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Cullen had a great day today!

First he got to play with Morella, and then he got to play with Henry! (For some reason I have always wanted to spell Henry like Henri, and pronounce it "on-REE". Maybe it's because I'm so French.)(I'm not really French at all.)(But my maiden name was French.)(Figure out that one.)

Mina says, "Every kid is the best at SOMETHING. I think I'm the 'best at drawing' kid."

Umm... That's all.


Mina says, "Once I had a dream that all the grown ups at my school had wings and could fly. And then after a while I had wings and could fly. It was just a dream. It was kinda scary to me, too."

God I love hearing about their dreams.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Conversation on the way home from school

Mina: There's something that I never, ever, EVER want to tell you.
Me: OH? What is it? (nice try)
Mina: I'm not going to tell you.
Me: Is it something you did?
Mina: No.
Me: Is it something mean?
Mina: Well... It's not something mean, but it's not nice to tell you. I could tell Daddy, though.
Me: Is it something about ME?
Mina: You CAN'T GUESS.
Me: Is it that you don't like my hair?
Mina: No, you have FUNNY hair.
Me: Is it that you don't like my cooking?
Mina: It's kind of like that.
Me: Is it that you love Daddy more than you love me?
Mina: Yeah.
Mina: I didn't want to tell you because I thought you would be sad. Are you sad?
Me: I'm okay. Why do you love Daddy more than me?
Mina: Because he's more fun.


Mina: Mom, Family Fun Night is coming up.
Me: Hmmm. That sounds like something Daddy would like.

I think this is the kind of thing that most moms don't like. I think I would be a lot more sad if Mina told me she loved me more than Daddy.

Feeling better!

Leta still has a few more days of penicillin but is feeling fine. And guess what!

Oh, yeah, I already put a picture up there. Thanks, Grandpa John, for the bunk beds! Aren't they beautiful? Jason's dad made the bunk beds, my mom made the futon mattresses that are on the bunk beds... Boy are these kids loved...

Jason's mom was in town this weekend. She brought food, cooked for us, and babysat so we could catch a movie--Slumdog Millionaire (liked it)... TWO dates in two weeks! Can you believe it? I could get used to this...

Cullen has been such a beast. He's very crabby. He throws tantrums about every little thing. I just asked him if he needed a diaper change and he ran away crying. He's also been very snuggly with Jason. I can't wait until these teeth are in and we get a much needed break from teething. He's still a sweetheart even when he's trying to kill me. It's that dimple. It has super powers!