Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Special Christmas Wish

Grandma Char (she is "sharlea" and often signs with "GG" when she comments here) went to the ICU over the last week for some pretty serious stuff. She has been on my mind pretty constantly. I know she will be really upset about missing Christmas at home. I am just hoping so so so hard that she gets better soon. She's so important to all of us, she's been so supportive and active in our lives, she makes sure we never lose touch, she keeps up with everything--she reads my blog, she facebooks, she's on twitter, etc. She is the matriarch at the center of this family... I know it's hard for her to be out of commission and away from home. She's a worrier. I wish I could go over there and make sure there aren't clothes mildewing in the washer because I just know she is thinking about all of that stuff!

Grandma Char, I love you and I miss you and all I want for Christmas is for you to get well!

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Zip n Tizzy said...

My hearts with you and Grandma Char, and I hope all of you Christmas wishes come true.
May 2010 be filled with promise and good blessings!