Saturday, November 21, 2009

Was I complaining about Not Really Sick Days yesterday?

OKAY I get it, I get it.

Mina woke up with a fever today. It was pretty high, so I gave her some Motrin. She ate some cereal, then laid around a bit. When Jason was taking everyone outside, Mina wanted to go with. A minute later she was back inside saying she was too tired. It all went downhill from there. We went back and forth about what to do, reading "when to contact a doctor" criteria over and over. I was actually more worried because she keeps getting these mysterious fevers. Then all of a sudden today she started coughing...

Jason talked me into calling. I was happy that I knew the doctor on call. She said all signs point to it being H1N1 and talked about that a bit... I told her that my husband is on immunosuppressants and she said he and Mina should both take Tamiflu... Jason once daily and Mina twice daily.

Mina has been so, so, so miserable. She has been in bed the whole day and needs help just walking to the bathroom. It's heartbreaking. Coughing makes her cry. Her voice is so weak and pathetic.

I really hope no one else gets sick! I guess my posts for the next few days will be about how everyone is feeling since that's pretty much all I can think about.