Friday, November 20, 2009

Not Really Sick Days

Mina's drawing that I colored. Do you see what's happening here? That bird just snagged a big juicy worm from the ground. That is the worm family crying out for the doomed worm. The sun is crying. The big thing on the right is a shoe.

Umm... My drawing wasn't as creative. I like the way Mina colored it, though.

Mina was up all night with a fever, so I couldn't send her to school today. However, she is feeling JUST FINE, and has pretty much been talking my ear off all day. Not just talking, either. Asking questions. Drawing pictures for me to color, and asking me to draw pictures for her. Then not being able to find exactly the right crayon.

It's messing with my routine.

I am thankful that she isn't sick, that she can talk, that she is super creative and inquisitive and interesting, I really am. I just need two minutes of quiet.

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