Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sometimes I get stuck

reading livejournal archives for hours. It's like when you get out an old photo album and then you end up looking at all of them. Anyway, here is something from when Mina was 3 1/2 or so...

I was trying to get the pen ink flowing so I thought I'd write down conversations I was having with Mina. It was during the height of her "pretend play with letters" phase.

HILARY: I want to write a story, Mina.
MINA: About E!
HILARY: What is E like?"
MINA: A flower.
HILARY: What does E like to do?
MINA: The E wants to talk, mama.
HILARY: What does E want to say?
HILARY: What's a bummer?
MINA: Leta's a bummer...no, how 'bout E's a bummer, mama."
HILARY: Is E sad?
MINA: Or E happy?
HILARY: What is E happy about?...(no response)...What does E LOVE?
MINA: The flower...
HILARY: What else?
MINA: Pickle. E likes to talk to pickle.
HILARY: E likes to talk to the pickle? What about?
MINA: E talks of POWER, mama.
I want some more peanut butter please, mama.


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Sleep late... dream more. said...

i thought that legally then they're supposed to only charge you for the amount posted. Like, you should have been able to say

"OK - then you will only charge me the 12.8 x 4 price for these."