Friday, October 16, 2009

Mina goes to the dentist!

Mina had a cleaning today. Those of you with AS kids probably know what a big deal this is. I mean, it's a big deal anyway, kind of, but a much bigger deal for a kid with sensory defensiveness. There is a long list of things about an appointment like this that could go horribly wrong. She might not want to get in the chair. She might freak out when the chair raises/goes back. She might cry about the light. She might be scared of the television. She might hate the music. She might not open her mouth. She might not bite down on the bite-wings. She might not want to separate from me during x-rays. She might not want to go to the bathroom and have an accident.

I know, I know, it sounds crazy. I sound crazy. But these are all things that would have bothered her at one time, and today I'm happy to report that she seems to have outgrown all of it--or at least has established trust with the staff at the dentist office.

It was fine. She did great and she wasn't scared at all. She even went to the x-ray room without me. Wow.

And guess what else. NO CAVITIES!

Dr. Tony said he just couldn't believe that tooth she pulled out was still there. He said he wouldn't believe it if he didn't see it with his own eyes. The hygienist asked, "You remember that?" and he said, "How could I forget?"

He called Mina "Princess" (he does this to all the little girls) and she didn't even yell, "I'm not a princess!" She has matured to a simple eyeroll. Love it.

He thinks she might have some crowding issues and need to see an orthodontist down the road... We'll see. I seem to remember dentists saying that about me when I was a kid and my teeth are Just Fine.


I think we should celebrate no cavities with root beer floats, don't you?


sharliea said...

Mina you are GREAT !!!!
And I think you should definitely have a root beer float....



yermomma said...

I'm with you on the Root beer float! Yes, Mina is maturing! I have noticed it and it is wonderful!

Casdok said...

Huge progress - definetly worth celebrating!