Wednesday, October 07, 2009

I AM AWESOME. And other random stuff from this week.

Two weeks ago I made my whiteboard with a ridiculous amount of tasks on sticky notes all over it. I gave myself two weeks to complete these tasks. Well, folks, I'm happy to report that today my whiteboard was EMPTY! I finished things I've been trying to do for MANY MONTHS. And it wasn't all that hard! I just had to do one thing at a time--and if I got interrupted, I didn't have to waste any time trying to think of what I was doing.

Let's say I have five minutes. I look for something I can easily do in five minutes. Maybe Cullen is sleeping--I look for something that is more involved but can be done quietly. If there are children around, I look for something I can do with them or around them... You get the idea. It worked out beautifully.

Leta was even sick last week, and I was sick over the weekend.

Yes, I was. I got sick. It happens sometimes. I was so sick on Saturday--it was as bad as my pregnancy with Cullen before I started taking the miracle drug Zofran. The nausea, the incessant vomiting, the dehydration, the backache. Horrible.

Jason was such an angel and he really saved my hide the next day at Mina's birthday party. I was recovering, but still feeling weak and not ready to eat anything. Jason brought everything in (to the YMCA where we had the birthday party), set it up, chased Cullen around for two hours while the kids swam and bounced and I did the easy stuff--sitting and gabbing with the other moms. He dished up food, blew up punching balloons, and was basically my hero. Thank you Jason.

Oh, back to me being awesome. It's come to my attention that I have a little problem with letting little setbacks bring me way way WAY down. I don't feel that way about life, generally, I think I take things in stride, keep my chin up in the face of adversity, etc. However, when it comes to my own productivity I really have a distorted self image sometimes, and once I fall below a certain line, forget it, I'm going to be down there for weeks. Anyway, the whiteboard helps me with this, too.

And now I will shut up about the whiteboard.

Good night.


Anonymous said...

I love your post it note idea! It may be just the thing to get myself to finish my to do list. You are an inspiration!

justcurious said...

Well, now you're my hero. I'm going to have to go think about this.

hadjare said...

I want to jump on that copy cat wagon. I was thinking of writing all of that down in a notebook...but I have tried that several times and it never works because I misplace the note book for weeks or months and you know how it goes.

yermomma said...

I saw the whiteboard when it was full of sticky notes. way to go, Hilary. I need lists daily of what I want to accomplish and it feels so good to cross them off!