Sunday, September 20, 2009

Not a bad Sunday

So far today has been... Good/interesting.

This morning every time I got to thinking anything about anything, I sort of started freaking out. Finally I was just going into the kitchen when it caught up with me and took me down. So I had a little crying jag on my kitchen floor, and my gracious husband talked me through it. It made me think of the cat litter dream. Who knew he was so good at dealing with messes?

Mina spent the morning in her room because she lied yesterday. It was a totally funny lie, too. I was taking Cullen's toys out of the girls' room and Mina was cupping her hands together, saying, "I don't have one of Cullen's cars in my hands!" Oh, Mina.

Jason made omelets for brunch. He saw Julia Child make an omelet and wanted to try doing it exactly the way she did it, right down to using chopsticks to beat the eggs. They were delicious! He even cleaned up the stove. Jason, you're hired!

Leta and I went down to the Willy St. Fair. I don't think either of us really enjoyed it. We got a smoothie and some egg rolls, walked up and down, and then left. She didn't want to listen to any music. I enjoyed walking with Leta and holding her hand, but we could have done that without the crowd... Though, she probably only allowed me to hold her hand because she didn't want to lose me in the crowd.

Now Leta is asleep next to me on the couch, huffing her doggy blankie as usual. She'll be bringing that thing to college someday. *sniffle*


justcurious said...

Two thumbs up, in the end!

Zip n Tizzy said...

Poiniant dream, and Yay for your man!
We don't always know what life's going to serve us, but it's so nice to find we've got someone to back us up, isn't it?
Julia's had quite the revival. Did Jason flip the egg in the air?
Fun or not, sounds like you had a nice afternoon with your girl. We know all about Doggie(y) love ;)

Woman in a Window said...

At least I'm not the only one having crying jags on my floor. Ya for solidarity!!! Kids are both startlingly beautiful and exhausting. And your Jason is wonderful. All in all, not a bad Sunday at all.