Sunday, August 30, 2009

When I met Jason...

Cullen Carter said he wanted to know more about when Jason and I met...

It was at the tender age of thirteen. My very good friend Suzy had this crazy wild look in her eyes one day at Damrow's Restaurant as she told the table jammed with teenagers (who were only buying coffee--IF that...) how the drummer for Lugnut had SMILED at her during some show. For several days we listened to this and then inevitably the two were spotted together.

Jason says he met me walking down Union St. with Suzy, and how she'd introduced me as one of her best friends, that I was wearing an army jacket and oh so grunge. Unfortunately, I don't remember! I remember her introducing him to all the kids at Damrow's. Then, soon enough, we were going to Jason's house and jumping on the giant trampoline, listening to him rant about this, that and the other thing, playing with the microphone in the basement. I remember that he didn't ever sleep and he was always excited about something. One day I listened to him go on for an hour about speed reading.

I never went to a Lugnut show except for one year I saw them play at Battle of the Bands. I just wasn't into shows, unlike most of my friends.

Later, when I was going out with a guy named Ian, the four of us would go out for coffee and suffer through listening to Ian and Jason talk about computers. Suzy and I would roll our eyes and try to change the subject...

Eventually Suzy and Jason went their separate ways, and years later, I RE-met Jason.

And yes, I did get Suzy's blessing to date Jason, because I love that girl.