Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I've got baditude.

I was looking at some pictures today and getting grossed out by tan people on beaches looking happy, and then I watched America's Next Top Model and was REALLY grossed out by Tyra's extremely annoying personality, and all those other phonies, and now I'm watching some stupid show called Hitch or Ditch, and watching this gross group of girls picking out dresses just gives me the creeps.

It reminds me of when I was growing up and the blonde/brunette balance was way off in any given situation, I would start feeling all skittish. Like the blondes were taking over or something.

This show is so bad!!!

I'm glad Jason has baditude about it too. We're sitting here making snide comments at the TV.

I have nothing good to say. I guess I should ZIP IT!

I just wanted to write SOMETHING.


Louise said...

This makes me laugh because I was thinking about the blonde/brunette thing tonight. Growing up, I was Laura Ingalls, hating my brown here because blonde was so "it." But when I got older, I loved it because I was different. People didn't dye their hair; they bleached it, so I was unique. I live in New Mexico now,where I look just like everyone else. I'm glad I'm brunette, but I liked being in the minority. (I guess it will be grey soon, though.)

Anyway, this just made me laugh because I was thinking about it tonight. I never watch TV, or I'd probably have a "worse-itude!"

yermomma said...

Wow, the blonde thing came out with my friend Darlene and I last night too, she asked me if Blondes really do have more fun, and I had to admit, yes they do!