Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Mother's Day

This year the girls had oodles of cards, drawings, and other paper crafts for me for Mother's Day because they worked on them in school and are currently crazy about "special days".

I told my husband a few days ahead of time that I wanted an omelet and hash browns for breakfast, and he obliged. He mowed the lawn, cut some branches off of our maple tree, and then went to hit golf balls and I went to Jung's Garden Center with the children. Cullen is not a good shopper. He makes everything impossible. I deeply regretted bringing them with me and wished I'd been talked out of it.

"Don't be silly. We will be fine! The girls will make a bouquet of paper flowers for you and Cullen and I will play with trucks until you get back."


Monday I took Mina to the Ophthalmologist who says her eye isn't improving. I'm not ready to give up yet so we'll keep at it with the atropine eye ointment (relaxing/unfocusing the good eye to make the lazy eye do the work) and see how it is in another six weeks.


I'm thinking about investing in some good cake decorating supplies. I'd like to decorate cakes on the side, here and there, and so I've told my friends that for the next couple of months when they bake cakes I'd like to practice on them. I'm probably a wee bit rusty at it, and there are some really fun, cool things that I want to learn how to do, and then I can get really crazy creative. Yay frosting!


I used to write so much more. Looking back, I realize that when I had two full time jobs and didn't have a day off for something like two months straight, I was blowing through notebooks in just a few weeks. Oh sure, a lot of it was pointless lists, comics, brainstorms... But still. One or two blog posts per week is PATHETIC. And then it's just catch-up writing, which is always dull.

Well, I'm tired now. Good night, all.

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