Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Mom

1. My mom has made some kind of strawberry dessert for almost all of my birthdays.

2. When I was a kid I asked her every day what her favorite color was, and every day she took a moment to think about it before saying, "Lavender".

3. She still has all of her barbie stuff.

4. I used to admire her while she groomed her eyebrows and put on mascara...

5. My mom makes awesome egg rolls.

6. My mom taught us how to pull our own weight.

7. She taught us to dry off in the bathtub.

8. She taught us to take out the trash when it got full.

9. She taught us how to do things for ourselves instead of asking others to do things for us.

10. She taught us that if we wanted money we had to earn it.

11. My mom loves earrings and if she "forgets" to bring earrings with her she will have to go out and buy new ones. ;)

12. My mom had beaded flapper dresses from the 20s repaired so I could choose one to wear for prom.

13. When she comes to visit she always brings enough food to feed an army.

14. She is allergic to nuts so if she gets any chocolates today she should probably check the ingredients carefully... =/

15. She is fiercely protective!

16. The first time I came home with a shaved head when I was 15, (actually then it was a very nice 'do with one very long ringlet of bangs and the rest shaved courtesy of Nick VanHeuklin) she looked up from her newspaper, sighed, and said, "Well at least you have a nicely shaped head. YOU'RE WELCOME."

17. She prefers me with very short hair. (Sorry mom, I'm growing it out. I'm sure it will be short again, soon enough.)

18. She uses a Mac! She's so hip!

19. She is a brilliant artist.

20. She has always made sure I had a bed to sleep on...

21. My mom is much cooler than me.

22. I have always been able to make my mom laugh. Usually with my clothes. =/

23. My mom still thinks I'm a princess.

24. My mom's house is like an artsy shop where you could spend hours looking around at all the little treasures, and it always smells good. Like food, and plants, and soap, and art.

25. Happy mother's day to an amazing woman. Thank you for giving me the freedom to discover who I am, the guidance to save me from myself, the skills to get along in life. You gave a shy girl strength and confidence, instilled in me the golden rule, the beginnings of empathy, a lifelong love of books, and a sense of responsibility. I could go on and on, and I love getting to know you as an adult and look forward to hearing more tales from your life. I wish everyone was as lucky as me.



Yermomma said...

Oh my, I'm so teared up I can't see the screen! You are an amazing woman, Hilary! I love you so much and I am so pleased with how you have turned out! You are an incredible Mother yourself! Thank you! You may want to save that for my funeral party some day! Ha!
Oh, and I'm baking cookies today!

Woman in a Window said...

I do think you very, very lucky, and wise to know this. What a cool woman. And Happy Mother's Day to you.

Anonymous said...

Awh. Does she take random visitors? I mean, I adore my mom, but I could use an inspiring and creative weekend at the home of a woman like you describe.