Sunday, April 05, 2009

Weekends, bah humbug!

This weekend has been hard. Aren't they all? Most people look forward to weekends, but I don't. I need that special, magical time when the kids are in school to recharge so I can handle the late afternoon/evening challenges.

Friday night was really nice because Jason and I had a movie date at the Sundance Cinema (Hilldale Mall)... We saw Sunshine Cleaners and enjoyed it. There is just something brilliant about drinking very alcoholic Irish coffee while watching a movie.

Saturday morning I donated blood at the American Red Cross for the first time since they rejected me in December. This time my hemoglobin was a hearty 13.5. I think I may be developing a prejudice against young female phlebotomists because they always make it hurt. Older women and all the men (young usually) have the magic touch. I think this has to do with confidence. Older women are the best... So anyway, young ladies, I'm sorry, but you need to relax when you're sticking people with sharp things. Beeeee smoooooooth.

When I got home Jason had to go to work. He didn't get home until nearly 10pm.

I had originally planned on doing my "homework" on Thursday but it got kind of late and I was tired and had no idea what I was going to do. I was going to make up for it Saturday night, but since Jason was working I couldn't. I was kind of exhausted anyway due to the loss of blood. ;) So that means this week I have to make up for it. I'm thinking I should do something tonight and something Thursday night.

The kids were all really, really challenging yesterday. I stupidly went grocery shopping with all of them and by the time we were checking out I was That Woman. You know. The one snapping at the kids, sweating, nearly hyperventilating, looking anxiously at the exit...

Today is snowy and dreary just like a Sunday ought to be. So far, no huge drama, just everyone kind of getting on everyone else's nerves.

We're going to get some exercise as soon as the kids are all ready.

I wrote down this pearl from Mina the other day:
"I want to be a teacher, an artist, a mom, a scientist, and a good person when I grow up. I kind of want to be a vet, too."

I think that sounds like a good start, don't you?

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Woman in a Window said...

Those tough weekends are not fun at all. We have them here a little too often. It takes the wind out of the sails, it does. In fact, I think we're just now experiencing the final (I hope) meltdown of the weekend. Yay! Tomorrow's Monday.