Saturday, April 25, 2009


Don't you hate the word "busy"?

This has been a pretty productive day. I painted a frame... Twice... AND, I am close to being finished with the dental x-ray painting I started a long time ago. I THINK I know how I want to paint another frame.

I need to cut the bejeezuz out of a big stack-o-magazines.

I need to put some wire on some paintings.

I need to draw some pictures.

I need to make some copies.

I need to pepper this town with the remainder of my fliers. I don't like that job and wish to give it to someone else.

What else? Find out if I need to bring a table for the kiddos or if they have one that can be used, as there will be a collage table set up for the littlest artists...

I need to put some shine on some stuff.

I will have to have everything done by Wednesday night, and Wednesday DAY is pretty busy, so I should really try to have everything done by Tuesday night. Thursday I set everything up, chip in for food and drinks, sign the contract...

And then it's FRIDAY!

Hm. I need to make a price list, I need to get a guest book so I can have people sign in and get people's info. Maybe I don't. I'm just getting all frazzled and crazy. But in a good, healthy, productive way.

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Anonymous said...

This is so exciting for you!