Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Brief Update

Leta had her 5 year well child check/pre-kindergarten physical yesterday with Dr. Dude.

She weighs 37lbs. She is 3' 7.5". She is a petite little princess.

Her vision may or may not be perfect. My feeling is that they should not have said, "Can you read any of these letters?" because the easiest thing to say is "no".

She has very mild scoliosis that may or may not become a problem later.

She got four shots. She got four stickers, and ice cream.


Mina went to the Ophthalmologist yesterday, too... A very appointmenty day!

Her vision isn't improving much and he didn't think there was much hope for her lazy eye, but that we could try the ointment. She hasn't been good with the patch so really, how COULD there be any improvement? Well, the dentist didn't think her tooth would stay in, and look, it has... So I say we give the ointment a go. It dilates the pupil and relaxes the "good eye" so she will be forced to use her "bad eye"... Cross your fingers and toes, people!


Aaaaand, just a reminder, Gallery Night is May 1st and I'll be at Happy Bambino. Come and say hi, look at some art, enjoy food and drink, and bring the kids if you want--there will be fun stuff for them to do!


Anonymous said...

We will be there!


hadjare said...

She's petite? I always think she's huge.