Sunday, April 19, 2009

Art, Eggs, Chess.

I decorated a mini composition book for my new "homework" (writing about goals and stuff).

Mina does a million art projects every day, but every once and a while she really wants me to take a picture of something. I never really know why she likes one thing and not another.

She also really wanted me to take a picture of her doing this one day. I just do what I'm told!

We colored Easter eggs this year and I broke my favorite mug. :'(

One day the girls just decided to get out their little chess set and play. I have no idea if they were playing the right way or not, but they were very quiet and serious for about 30 minutes.

It's been kind of a blah weekend. Cullen's been sick. I took him to the doctor on Friday. I really liked the doctor we saw, I wish I could remember her name. She was pregnant and very sweet. Oh, I'm not about to switch from Dr. Dude, of course. Anyway, just some nasty virus, of course. Frothy diarrhea. He had a rash Friday and a fever and that's why I brought him in. Oh, someday, someday I will get a break from having to clean up poop... And then I will cry because No More Babies. Such is life...

Well, it's time to get some groceries. xo


Anonymous said...

I love the notebook cover, and all the pictures! Mina is so amazing with her artwork and cut paper. While at the house last weekend, she was interested in the burnt canvas "painting" on the wall with the circles, and then was curious about "My" cut paper art on the wall, so I explained it to her.
I hope that Cullen gets better soon. I remember those days so well. Nothing is worse than having sick kids, it's heartbreaking! Love, yer MOM

Sleep late... dream more. said...

With the "help" of some dumb cat, I broke three of my favorite mugs last year. I'm still a little sad about this :(