Thursday, April 30, 2009

Unhappy Bambino and Happy Bambino

Yesterday I went to the doctor, twice. Once with Cullen, once without.

Cullen had his 18 month well child check. I didn't pay attention to how much he weighed or anything because he was kicking and screaming the whole time, and my god, he is strong. He hates nurses. He calmed down for Dr. Dude thankfully. I had to hold him in my lap the whole time, though.

He has one very inflamed ear, but it didn't look infected. We're supposed to call if he spikes a fever.

All of his man junk is where it's supposed to be. Good job, Cullen! ;)

His heart murmur is nearly nonexistent.

His sisters need to stop catering to his every whine so he will learn to talk.


Today I set up paintings at Happy Bambino! I had funny ideas about what should go next to what, and it was tricky with the way the walls are arranged, but I think it'll do. I've decided to pretend it's my birthday party and that the gallery/classroom is like my apartment. I think this is the only way.

Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow I get to see lots of very lovely people. I'm excited.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Stop it!

Don't compare yourself to others
Don't compare yourself to others
Don't compare yourself to others
Don't compare yourself to others
Don't compare yourself to others
Don't compare yourself to others


I have this feeling, like the way Mina gets when something brushes against her, the way I feel when I touch the metal part of the rice cooker with my fingernails, like I want to rip my spine out and scrub it, like I want to escape my skin. I should stop looking at my paintings or I will end up destroying them. What is my problem?!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Don't you hate the word "busy"?

This has been a pretty productive day. I painted a frame... Twice... AND, I am close to being finished with the dental x-ray painting I started a long time ago. I THINK I know how I want to paint another frame.

I need to cut the bejeezuz out of a big stack-o-magazines.

I need to put some wire on some paintings.

I need to draw some pictures.

I need to make some copies.

I need to pepper this town with the remainder of my fliers. I don't like that job and wish to give it to someone else.

What else? Find out if I need to bring a table for the kiddos or if they have one that can be used, as there will be a collage table set up for the littlest artists...

I need to put some shine on some stuff.

I will have to have everything done by Wednesday night, and Wednesday DAY is pretty busy, so I should really try to have everything done by Tuesday night. Thursday I set everything up, chip in for food and drinks, sign the contract...

And then it's FRIDAY!

Hm. I need to make a price list, I need to get a guest book so I can have people sign in and get people's info. Maybe I don't. I'm just getting all frazzled and crazy. But in a good, healthy, productive way.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Art, Eggs, Chess.

I decorated a mini composition book for my new "homework" (writing about goals and stuff).

Mina does a million art projects every day, but every once and a while she really wants me to take a picture of something. I never really know why she likes one thing and not another.

She also really wanted me to take a picture of her doing this one day. I just do what I'm told!

We colored Easter eggs this year and I broke my favorite mug. :'(

One day the girls just decided to get out their little chess set and play. I have no idea if they were playing the right way or not, but they were very quiet and serious for about 30 minutes.

It's been kind of a blah weekend. Cullen's been sick. I took him to the doctor on Friday. I really liked the doctor we saw, I wish I could remember her name. She was pregnant and very sweet. Oh, I'm not about to switch from Dr. Dude, of course. Anyway, just some nasty virus, of course. Frothy diarrhea. He had a rash Friday and a fever and that's why I brought him in. Oh, someday, someday I will get a break from having to clean up poop... And then I will cry because No More Babies. Such is life...

Well, it's time to get some groceries. xo

Thursday, April 16, 2009


It's MEEEEEE me me me me ME.

Doctor Dude said, today, that my homework is that I should journal a LOT about myself. Not me in relation to others. Just me, and my goals for me, and that kind of touchy feely stuff.

Now I'm going to hide!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Brief Update

Leta had her 5 year well child check/pre-kindergarten physical yesterday with Dr. Dude.

She weighs 37lbs. She is 3' 7.5". She is a petite little princess.

Her vision may or may not be perfect. My feeling is that they should not have said, "Can you read any of these letters?" because the easiest thing to say is "no".

She has very mild scoliosis that may or may not become a problem later.

She got four shots. She got four stickers, and ice cream.


Mina went to the Ophthalmologist yesterday, too... A very appointmenty day!

Her vision isn't improving much and he didn't think there was much hope for her lazy eye, but that we could try the ointment. She hasn't been good with the patch so really, how COULD there be any improvement? Well, the dentist didn't think her tooth would stay in, and look, it has... So I say we give the ointment a go. It dilates the pupil and relaxes the "good eye" so she will be forced to use her "bad eye"... Cross your fingers and toes, people!


Aaaaand, just a reminder, Gallery Night is May 1st and I'll be at Happy Bambino. Come and say hi, look at some art, enjoy food and drink, and bring the kids if you want--there will be fun stuff for them to do!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

I went to the dentist!

My dentist moved to a new location. I have to drive to Monona now. It's not that far, really. The office is pretty nice. I had to fill out new paperwork though, and I waited a lot longer than usual. I got a healthy dose of Oprah and learned all about how to talk to my kids about sex. Thank you Oprah!

I got lots and lots of x-rays. More than the usual bite-wings. It took a really long time.

The hygienist was telling me all about the stroke she had. It was really interesting. She said that she felt totally fine, but she couldn't get her foot to slip into her flip flop. She tried and tried, and couldn't make her foot DO that. Her friend said, "Are you okay?" and she said, "I'm fine!" and she said, "Go to the doctor right now or I will call 911" or something like that. She said she still has a blood clot in her brain. She was in rehab for months and months, and just started working again a couple of weeks ago, two days a week. She was a funny woman and I enjoyed listening to her, though she couldn't seem to talk and clean at the same time, and she flossed all of my teeth over and over and over again. Jason was worried I was off having an affair or something. My dentist isn't THAT cute... ;)

I have to get some fillings. One of my fillings broke, one is cracked... He says all the clenching could break fillings and I need a mouth guard. I also have a couple of cavities. He says that I should get the gas so I can mellow out next time, and they have tvs so I can watch movies or I can listen to music.

My dentist is pretty accommodating for those of us with oral defensiveness and anxiety problems. I think I will keep him.

Anyway... Now I have to chisel away at the mountain of dishes covering every inch of counterspace...

Just wanted to pop in and say that I DID IT.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Weekends, bah humbug!

This weekend has been hard. Aren't they all? Most people look forward to weekends, but I don't. I need that special, magical time when the kids are in school to recharge so I can handle the late afternoon/evening challenges.

Friday night was really nice because Jason and I had a movie date at the Sundance Cinema (Hilldale Mall)... We saw Sunshine Cleaners and enjoyed it. There is just something brilliant about drinking very alcoholic Irish coffee while watching a movie.

Saturday morning I donated blood at the American Red Cross for the first time since they rejected me in December. This time my hemoglobin was a hearty 13.5. I think I may be developing a prejudice against young female phlebotomists because they always make it hurt. Older women and all the men (young usually) have the magic touch. I think this has to do with confidence. Older women are the best... So anyway, young ladies, I'm sorry, but you need to relax when you're sticking people with sharp things. Beeeee smoooooooth.

When I got home Jason had to go to work. He didn't get home until nearly 10pm.

I had originally planned on doing my "homework" on Thursday but it got kind of late and I was tired and had no idea what I was going to do. I was going to make up for it Saturday night, but since Jason was working I couldn't. I was kind of exhausted anyway due to the loss of blood. ;) So that means this week I have to make up for it. I'm thinking I should do something tonight and something Thursday night.

The kids were all really, really challenging yesterday. I stupidly went grocery shopping with all of them and by the time we were checking out I was That Woman. You know. The one snapping at the kids, sweating, nearly hyperventilating, looking anxiously at the exit...

Today is snowy and dreary just like a Sunday ought to be. So far, no huge drama, just everyone kind of getting on everyone else's nerves.

We're going to get some exercise as soon as the kids are all ready.

I wrote down this pearl from Mina the other day:
"I want to be a teacher, an artist, a mom, a scientist, and a good person when I grow up. I kind of want to be a vet, too."

I think that sounds like a good start, don't you?

Friday, April 03, 2009

Cullen likes shoes a lot.

He likes to play with them more than anything else, and we don't really like it, but it's kind of funny and cute. What to do?

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Hear me out

I think I should get a new dress, and here is why:

1)Gallery Night! (@ Happy Bambino Friday May 1st)

2)I know that if Jason were in my shoes he would insist on getting a new something because everything in the closet is unacceptable.

3)Wedding in June. I could wear this new dress for both occasions!

4)My birthday... In June.

5)Because you will like how I look in my new dress?

I don't really want it for my birthday. I want it for just because I am great. For my birthday I want new shoes.

I might go vintage dress shopping for this dress instead of spending $300 at Anthropologie. So that's something, right? Very smart!

I am girly, sometimes. Sigh.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The mouth on this girl!!!

Mina's crown came off last night. I wonder how much that will cost to fix. I'm crossing my fingers that it'll just need a little superglue. :/ I think we need better dental insurance...