Sunday, March 29, 2009

Old timey journalin'

I once read my great-grandmother's diary and it was all about who was sick when and what the weather was doing. That's what this blog is starting to feel like.

Leta is sick with a fever, cough, stuffy nose... Mina was fever-free for a couple of days, and then today she wouldn't get out of bed. I thought she was just having some inertia problems. Mornings are hard, you see. But when she was still in bed at 11:30 I thought perhaps this is something more serious. I took her temperature, and sure enough, it was back up to 102.2... I asked her if she felt like she was getting better and she said she was getting sicker. I asked where, and she circled her chest. I gave her some motrin and took her temp again while she slept. It went down to 100.9. A few minutes later she came out, in a pretty good mood, and I poured a bowl of cereal for her, which she is eating now.

So, Dr. Internet, what are your guesses? Pneumonia? Another virus? Still just flu? I am starting to doubt whether she'll be going to school tomorrow.

And Leta is being a total crab. Usually she's kind of sweet when she's sick.

And Cullen's nose is running today, too.

And there is fresh snow on the ground.

I'm ready for summer.

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Woman in a Window said...

I think it's still the flu. Kicked are arses for a solid month at least! The horror. But if her fever persists, get her in. My daughter ended up needing antibiotics for whatever mystery it was.