Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Not Good, Good

Last night Mina's fever was gone, and I hadn't given her anything since around 1pm. I was pretty excited thinking she turned a corner. BUT... This morning at 4:30 she was up crying about not feeling well. Sure enough, when I took her temp, it was 102.9.

The GOOD news is that I heard from Happy Bambino about what month they want me to show my artwork: MAY! That means that my opening night will be on Gallery Night, May 1st. I encourage you all to go visit some galleries for Gallery Night. You can look at art and have plenty to eat and drink. I'll post more details in a bit but for now, you know that you need to clear your plans for May 1st, arrange for a sitter or bring the kids--this is a family friendly event, after all!

Okay. Time to get ready for school.


Anonymous said...

Ohh I wish I had off May 1 so I could come up to see your work! Congrats, though!

Woman in a Window said...

You are showing your are showing your work...are you not totally psyched about this or is this old hat? That is so cool.