Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A nice gesture and a mean gesture

Once upon a time when Jason first stopped eating wheat, I decided to stop eating it, too. I lasted about three days, until I was laying in bed sobbing uncontrollably. Jason asked me what was wrong and at first I was too ashamed to say, but eventually I told him that I couldn't stop thinking about oreos. Oreos, a food that I never ate, never liked before. He told me that I didn't have to do this, and that his reward was that he felt less pain, and that made it easier for him to do it. The next day he came home with a big, fat, fudgy, delicious brownie for me.

I loved that.

After that I ate wheat occasionally and it ma-----

Stop the press. Oh this is great. I'm listening to Mina and Leta talk in bed. Leta was talking about being excited for April Fools Day tomorrow.

Mina: Do you know how I'm going to fool mom? (She told me today that she was going to fool me and she wouldn't give me any clues)
Leta: How?
Mina: I'm going to wear a sheet and she's going to think I'm a GHOST.
Leta: Remember, Mom can hear everything we say...?
Mina: ...

heeheeee... I have to think of something good...


Woman in a Window said...

HA! A double HA! wheat and kids! See, double...double...stuffed...oreos..ooooooooooo.

yermomma said...