Saturday, March 07, 2009

The Most Boring Post Everrrr!!!

I feel like I've been writing this whole time, but I guess I haven't. I do that in conversation all the time. I feel like I've been adding to the conversation, but really I've just been listening and thinking.


What have I been up to?

Wednesday... I had an appointment with Dr. Dude. Feeling pretty normal, except when I'm not, and then I'm really really not. So, I'm working on feeling good and coping better when I'm not, or when I am in a high stress situation such as Mina screaming for an hour because Leta touched her, and I'm working on better communication with the husband, and I'm working on getting out more with the husband, and whipping him into shape when he needs it. ;) We took the girls to their first swimming lesson and they were so great! Later Jason and I watched The Dark Knight.

Thursday... I did lots of cleaning. Very exciting.

Friday... I paid lots of bills. It was a lovely day and I stayed inside with the shades drawn, in my ugly sweater, feeling like a big pile of crap. Nice. I went to Happy Bambino to get an application for their artsy mamas and papas gallery. Then I decided to just do it via email.

Today we went to the Y so Jason could help the girls practice what they learned in swimming lessons. I followed Cullen around. It was kind of fun to just follow his lead in a big place like that. Every time someone walked by they'd say hi to him and talk all cutesy to him, and he kept doing this hilarious thing where he put his hand up to his eyebrow and with his head down, looked up. One lady said, "Oh, no... Is he sad?" and I said, "Oh, he's just being shy..." but I think he was really thinking, "OH, BROTHER..."

There, I broke the ice.


Anonymous said...

not boring to me, and I can't wait to see you all on Friday, especially all of Cullen's new moves!

Woman in a Window said...

Those screaming sessions can be nearly unbearable, can't they? I know I feel like crap for days later and I'm sure my daughter doesn't feel much better. I've been wondering if this is maybe weighing on your heavily.

Be well. Glad you're back.

Did you like the Dark Knight? I thought it was lacking.

Hilary said...

I didn't really like the Dark Knight very much. It was just okay. Maybe it's just one of those movies you have to see in the theater, but you know, I loved all the other Batman movies so much more.

They really are draining, the screaming sessions, and they happen almost every day around here, sometimes a few times in one day. And when there is a calm day... It sure is nice, but I always know it can't possibly last.