Saturday, February 21, 2009

Weekend Update

Earlier this week we had some tooth drama. Well folks, I'm happy to report that the tooth is still in Mina's mouth but is not totally stable. She still has another week and a half where she has to eat soft foods and then we go back to the dentist.

Thursday I saw Dr. Dude and chatted about How I'm Doing. It was a good visit as usual but I didn't get around to the lab stuff so I have to figure out when I can do that this week. Then I go back in about a week and a half. I probably go there and the grocery store more than anywhere else. Okay, not really... But close!

Friday I got my hair trimmed by the fabulous Lowen. She's a talented lady and always a pleasure to be around!

Then I picked up Mina for her eye check. Unfortunately, her vision is barely improving, so we have to start patching her good eye. The patches are soft and cute and they slide on her glasses. I'll post a picture soon. She has to patch her eye for six hours a day!

Later on Jason and I went on a date! We went to Restaurant Muramoto which was excellent.
We had:
  • roasted beets coated with goat cheese, yuzu-miso
  • fried eggplant ricotta salata, cauliflower, cilantro miso
  • braised pork miso cream cheese, pear terrine
  • harvest roll: harvest walnuts, pickled beets, assorted greens, miso blue cheese sauce
  • veggie tempura roll: vegetable tempura asparagus, satsuma potato
  • asian slaw salad with sesame vinaigrette
  • sautéed shrimp in spicy coconut sauce with red onion, bell peppers and peanuts


Then we thought about seeing a movie but I decided it was getting kinda late. Instead we went over to Cloud 9 Grille and had drinks. And words. And it was good.

Home around 11.

Leta is sick. She's been running a fever all night and all day, and sleeping sporadically, and just not herself. Poor kid.

I hope you're all having a good weekend!

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Louise said...

The food... YUM,YUM!!!