Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I can't even remember what the meltdown was about. Hand-washing. Yes. Anyway...
Mina was going around apologizing to Cullen, Leta and me and she wasn't happy about saying sorry to Leta. She said, "Now I'm THIS MAD!"

She chomped down on the hem of her shirt. And pulled.

And suddenly her eyes were BIG and I thought she lost that loose tooth on top. But something was horribly wrong.

Her lip, on the bottom, stuck out sharply... "MY PERMANENT TOOTH!!!" Mina started screaming and crying. There was blood gushing out. It was sticking straight out, horizontally. I stuck a towel in there and then got a washcloth wet with cold water and had her sit at the table with that in her mouth. Cullen was in the high chair crying with an empty tray and I was yelling, "Leta find something for Cullen to eat!" while I frantically flipped through the phonebook trying to find Dr. Tony's number.

I lack the phonebook skills for these things and ran to the computer, typing "hernandez dentist" and instantaneously had the address and phone number of the office. BUT! The office was closed and I had to call the after hours number. After waiting a lifetime, the lady on the phone said she was calling Dr. Tony. Then she came back with, "I'm sorry, they're all gone for the day." And I said, "Okay, what should I do?" I said that a few times I think, as many as it took until she finally said she would call so and so.

The orthodontist at the office called me back and told me to come in. They were so great. I said, "I have three small kids..." and he said, "We'll be here and we'll get this taken care of, and we'll try the best we can to help take care of the rest of the kids too."

Jason met us there. He took over Cullen duty, which was pretty challenging. Cullen just wants to run all over the place and will not be contained. Leta helped, I'm sure. ;) The orthodontist decided to call in the expertise of Dr. Tony. He saved the day. He put her tooth back. I'm tired of this story. Dr. Tony is my hero.



Keely said...

AHH! How did they put the tooth back? Sometimes I dream about my teeth falling out, and trying to hold them in place but it not working. Does this actually work sometimes? *shudder*

Her Hot Mess said...

You are a hero for getting through that as well as you did! My younger sister lost a permanent tooth when she was that age (I actually knocked it out..heh heh). The dentist put it back in place, and it stuck. She still has it now!

kristi said...

Yeah, I have had dreams where my teeth fell out.

Glad it all worked out!

Zip n Tizzy said...

Ughh! This had me on the edge of my seat.
What a horrifying experience. I'm glad to have read that it seems to be sticking. Definitely one of those sibling stories she'll be telling for years to come.
I think you handled this all VERY well!