Friday, February 13, 2009

Memorable VDs?

I don't think I've ever had a really great Valentine's Day. I'm going to think hard about this.

1993. Jared who was my boyfriend for, like, a week, got me a little bear holding a little vase containing a rose. The bear had a heart between its paws that said, "I love you". A little soon for I love yous, don't you think, Jared? I remember it well because later it became my cat's favorite toy to fight with. He really, really hated that bear. First it lost an eye, then the other eye, then the neck was torn open and the stuffing pulled out... So sweet. :D

1994. Hmm. Don't remember. OH wait! Everyone was depressed because one of the group, Lisa, was moving to California. We went to Damrows for coffee and took up three booths. I think Charles the Florist gave out flowers or balloons or something.

1995. Pink carnations from Ian and dinner at a crappy Mexican restaurant because we couldn't get in anywhere else. I don't think we were getting along.

1996. Was going to go hang out with Deanna but someone (Adrianna? Emily?) stopped me in my tracks when they said she was probably doing something with Chet, who at that time to me was the adversary, antichrist, father of lies, spawn of satan and prince of hell. (dated him for three weeks. contracted mono)

1997. Recieved a dozen roses from Josh. I don't remember if he was in town or not.

1998. Broke up with Josh. Awesome time.

I honestly can't remember anything from the next two years of darkness and despair. Not 1999, not 2000, not even 2001.

I think in 2002 Jason and I were renting videos. We decided to wear our wedding rings to the video store, which was suuuper naughty because we weren't married until the next day. Fun times! I guess that one is kinda happy.

After that they are a blur. Our anniversary is the day after so more emphasis is placed on that day.

Tomorrow for Valentines Day we're going to work out together. Then we'll come home and bake brownies, and proceed to eat the entire pan for the rest of the day. With ice cream. What's important is that we'll be TOGETHER!


Anonymous said...

#1: Since I teach high school, I didn't initially associate your title with Valentine's Days, but with diseases. Sometimes I hate my mind.

#2: Since I watch too much TV, through your first story (1993), I kept thinking, "he should have gone to Jared." Get it? Jared? Ok...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hilary said...

thesamsanator, the association was intentional. :) No need to hate your mind!

Those Jared commercials are the worst. Actually I really hate all jewelry store commercials. Are they all really bad or is it just me?

Anonymous said...

SO glad it was intentional. Obviously it was, since you are a Samsa. :)

Jewelry store commercials ARE bad, but, honestly, I wouldn't mind if they worked on Tim!

hadjare said...

I kept reading it as DVD's for the first few times and thought "Wait...this ins't about DVD's at all!"

Woman in a Window said...

The tearing up of that bear is perfect. Valentines day is bleh, except for my kids. I give them some stuff and they smiled. That's enough.

Sleep late... dream more. said...

better reading it as "DVD" as I definitely keep reading it as venereal disease.... not valentines' day......

I hope you get a good do-over :)

Louise said...

I think baking brownies together and eating the whole pan with ice cream is a perfect Valentine's Day!