Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Hiya Friends!

We have been dealing with lots of Mina meltdowns over the last week. It puts me in kind of a bad mood and makes me not feel like writing.

BUT! There is a glimmer of hope.

1. I cut her hair tonight so it will no longer tickle her neck. I had to put it in a ponytail with barrettes the second she opened her eyes in the morning because OH GOD IT'S HORRIBLE THE HAIR THE HAIR PLEASE MAMA so hopefully that will help.

2. Her glasses have been away since the day she saw the Ophthalmologist and we finally got them back today. When she put them on, she said, "oooOOOooh! These are GOOD!" and she said she could see out of her "fadey eye". (angels singing) I was really scared that she would have a meltdown if her eyelashes touched the glass... So far so good.

3. Today was the third IEP meeting at school. This is the one where the IEP is actually written and I got to meet the woman who will be working with her to meet her goals... I'm happy with the way it went and excited to get started. She starts getting physical therapy tomorrow but I think the rest will be starting in about a week.

And now for a treat.

Mina:(Sitting at the kitchen table after school, eating the remainders of her lunch) I saw the best swimmer in the world.
Me: Michael Phelps?
Mina: Yeah.
Me: On T.V.?
Mina: Yeah.
Me: At school?
Mina: No, at home.
Me: Oh. Right. I knew that.
Mina: He'll be the best swimmer in the world until he dies, and then someone else will be the best swimmer in the world. Right mom. Mom. Right mom.
Me: Huh? Oh, right. Yeah.
Leta: I think it'll be Daddy!
Mina: Yeah, Daddy will be the best.

Oh that's adorable. We must cherish this time when Daddy is still like a super-hero. Maybe he always will be. I hope so.


Her Hot Mess said...

Oh the hair! Yes, we deal with that too, with BOYS. I wish I could do ponytail and barrettes, but that would get us some looks, I'm afraid.

kristi said...

TC hates getting haircuts. Normally I do little trims. Today I sat him on the kitchen counter and did a trim. We saved his hair and we took it outside (For the birds to use in their nests). It seems to help to have something to do with the hair afterwards!

Woman in a Window said...

Sweet child.

I know how hard those meltdowns can be. Hang in there for the better days.

Louise said...

Sweet, sweet story. Sometimes I just want to get past this phase, but these times are too precious to pass.