Friday, February 06, 2009

Friday tidbits!

  • Leta had a field trip to the post office today. Her favorite part was the conveyer belt.
  • I dropped Cullen off at Laura's today so I could get my blood drawn for various tests.
  • I brought three bags of clothes over to the new Savers that just opened over by East Towne Mall.
  • Dr. Dude called with hemoglobin news--borderline. I guess that's an improvement? Maybe? I don't know. He says the other tests should be about a week.
  • I have a new nephew! My step-sister had a healthy baby boy today.
  • I have a date with my husband in 17 minutes. A date here on the couch watching The Big Lebowski.
  • I have a sore throat and the girls have stuffy noses.
  • Cullen throws the worst tantrums, particularly when I put his shoes and coat on, when I put him in his carseat, when I pick him up to cross the street, when I pick him up for any reason whatsoever, when I take anything away from him or interrupt something he's doing, when I change his diaper... Well you get the idea. He has surpassed me in strength. This isn't good. I need to start lifting weights or something.

I'm too tired to write much right now, but I didn't want too much time to pass between posts. I hope everyone has a great weekend and those in this region enjoy the heat wave!


Maddy said...

I remember trying to tackle the both of mine, when absolutely everything was a transition. I honestly thought I'd never survive. I have muscles like a navvy. Things started to improve once they'd mastered a few PECs and words. Hope you had a great 'date.'

Woman in a Window said...

Oh, The Big Lebowski. I love that movie. I saw it years ago with my husband. It's just one of those movies that hangs on and on.

Those little tantrum rascals. You need a break.