Monday, February 16, 2009

Do-overs, Strep, fun stuff like that

I'm declaring this Friday my wedding anniversary do-over day.

In other news, I took Mina to the doctor--Physician's Assistant, actually, not Dr. Dude.

1. She's been sick with this cold--runny nose, junky cough.
2. She has been complaining for the last few days, after eating just a little bit, that she doesn't feel good. It's not just to get out of eating because she's been doing it with everything.
3. This morning she had a slight temp--100.

I kept her home from school so I figured I'd call the clinic to see if I should bring her in.

Of course they wanted to see her. They said strep is going around. Oh great. Even though there has been no talk of sore throats, she had to get swabbed. We went to the lab and she wouldn't open. Lab tech told us to move along. Nurse dude tried and she wouldn't open. Next! PA was much more Mina savvy but there just wasn't any way to talk Mina into doing it. We held her down with the help of a nurse and it was over with in the blink of an eye without even a tear. I asked Mina if she would open up the next time anyone wanted to do that and she said she wasn't going to talk to me because she's SHY. HAHAHAHA!

Special thanks to Laura for taking the other kids in on a moment's notice.

Now to get back to life.


Anonymous said...

I would be interested to know if it's strep. Ruth, Dave, and I have all been dealing with junky chesty coughs and dripping noses (and sneezing, on my part) since the little thaw a week and a half ago. I'm hoping it's just moldy allergies plus a bit of cold virus that hit us when we were down.


Anonymous said...


it sounds like you handled that scenario perfectly. A frightened child needs to be shown, and well when they are shy, what can you do?...LOL

I hope it is not strep, and also hope I don't think too much about this post....LOL

bye for now....