Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Couple o things

I read recently that one of my old school chums who I have remained in contact with was arrested for possession of child pornography a la downloaded video on the external hard drive. This has weighed heavily on my mind. I don't have anything to add to that, I just wanted to say I've been thinking about it.

The other thing is that I heard from Dr. Dude today that I'm a bit low on the Vitamin D (shocking, I know) and that my Thyroid Stimulating Hormone is a bit low as well. I guess we're going to do some more tests re: Thyroid because that's just good fun.

Our furnace was off this morning. I think I know what the problem is. There's a flexible insulated duct that isn't adequately supported, and is sagging in spots. Apparently the reason this is bad is that condensation can get trapped in those sagging areas and make the furnace think there is an obstruction, thus tripping the safety shut off. I could be way off but you know, I AM a Samsa now. We know our heating and cooling. ;) Anyway, I went to Menards and purchased some adjustable pipe support things and now, no sagging! I am so cool. Srsly.

I'm sick. The kids are sick. I hope Jason stays well, but the outlook is not good because I never get sick... Oh, it's just a cold, but you know how these things can snowball.

I guess that was more than a couple o things. I'm such a lying liar!!!

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Maddy said...

Well it's very important to address the saggy bits in one's life, hence, if I had the chance, I'd go back to bed.