Monday, February 23, 2009

Scarlet Fever?!!

Well folks, we don't have to burn all of the toys, and we don't have to hang a sign on the door, thanks to the modern miracle of antibiotics.

Leta has Scarlet Fever. It's all very romantic. I'll be back when we're all better.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Weekend Update

Earlier this week we had some tooth drama. Well folks, I'm happy to report that the tooth is still in Mina's mouth but is not totally stable. She still has another week and a half where she has to eat soft foods and then we go back to the dentist.

Thursday I saw Dr. Dude and chatted about How I'm Doing. It was a good visit as usual but I didn't get around to the lab stuff so I have to figure out when I can do that this week. Then I go back in about a week and a half. I probably go there and the grocery store more than anywhere else. Okay, not really... But close!

Friday I got my hair trimmed by the fabulous Lowen. She's a talented lady and always a pleasure to be around!

Then I picked up Mina for her eye check. Unfortunately, her vision is barely improving, so we have to start patching her good eye. The patches are soft and cute and they slide on her glasses. I'll post a picture soon. She has to patch her eye for six hours a day!

Later on Jason and I went on a date! We went to Restaurant Muramoto which was excellent.
We had:
  • roasted beets coated with goat cheese, yuzu-miso
  • fried eggplant ricotta salata, cauliflower, cilantro miso
  • braised pork miso cream cheese, pear terrine
  • harvest roll: harvest walnuts, pickled beets, assorted greens, miso blue cheese sauce
  • veggie tempura roll: vegetable tempura asparagus, satsuma potato
  • asian slaw salad with sesame vinaigrette
  • sautéed shrimp in spicy coconut sauce with red onion, bell peppers and peanuts


Then we thought about seeing a movie but I decided it was getting kinda late. Instead we went over to Cloud 9 Grille and had drinks. And words. And it was good.

Home around 11.

Leta is sick. She's been running a fever all night and all day, and sleeping sporadically, and just not herself. Poor kid.

I hope you're all having a good weekend!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I can't even remember what the meltdown was about. Hand-washing. Yes. Anyway...
Mina was going around apologizing to Cullen, Leta and me and she wasn't happy about saying sorry to Leta. She said, "Now I'm THIS MAD!"

She chomped down on the hem of her shirt. And pulled.

And suddenly her eyes were BIG and I thought she lost that loose tooth on top. But something was horribly wrong.

Her lip, on the bottom, stuck out sharply... "MY PERMANENT TOOTH!!!" Mina started screaming and crying. There was blood gushing out. It was sticking straight out, horizontally. I stuck a towel in there and then got a washcloth wet with cold water and had her sit at the table with that in her mouth. Cullen was in the high chair crying with an empty tray and I was yelling, "Leta find something for Cullen to eat!" while I frantically flipped through the phonebook trying to find Dr. Tony's number.

I lack the phonebook skills for these things and ran to the computer, typing "hernandez dentist" and instantaneously had the address and phone number of the office. BUT! The office was closed and I had to call the after hours number. After waiting a lifetime, the lady on the phone said she was calling Dr. Tony. Then she came back with, "I'm sorry, they're all gone for the day." And I said, "Okay, what should I do?" I said that a few times I think, as many as it took until she finally said she would call so and so.

The orthodontist at the office called me back and told me to come in. They were so great. I said, "I have three small kids..." and he said, "We'll be here and we'll get this taken care of, and we'll try the best we can to help take care of the rest of the kids too."

Jason met us there. He took over Cullen duty, which was pretty challenging. Cullen just wants to run all over the place and will not be contained. Leta helped, I'm sure. ;) The orthodontist decided to call in the expertise of Dr. Tony. He saved the day. He put her tooth back. I'm tired of this story. Dr. Tony is my hero.


no strep

Sorry. I should have mentioned that yesterday. We stayed in the doctor's office and waited for the results. It didn't take long. Well anyway, no strep. I didn't think so but you know, I'm no doctor. ;)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Do-overs, Strep, fun stuff like that

I'm declaring this Friday my wedding anniversary do-over day.

In other news, I took Mina to the doctor--Physician's Assistant, actually, not Dr. Dude.

1. She's been sick with this cold--runny nose, junky cough.
2. She has been complaining for the last few days, after eating just a little bit, that she doesn't feel good. It's not just to get out of eating because she's been doing it with everything.
3. This morning she had a slight temp--100.

I kept her home from school so I figured I'd call the clinic to see if I should bring her in.

Of course they wanted to see her. They said strep is going around. Oh great. Even though there has been no talk of sore throats, she had to get swabbed. We went to the lab and she wouldn't open. Lab tech told us to move along. Nurse dude tried and she wouldn't open. Next! PA was much more Mina savvy but there just wasn't any way to talk Mina into doing it. We held her down with the help of a nurse and it was over with in the blink of an eye without even a tear. I asked Mina if she would open up the next time anyone wanted to do that and she said she wasn't going to talk to me because she's SHY. HAHAHAHA!

Special thanks to Laura for taking the other kids in on a moment's notice.

Now to get back to life.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Memorable VDs?

I don't think I've ever had a really great Valentine's Day. I'm going to think hard about this.

1993. Jared who was my boyfriend for, like, a week, got me a little bear holding a little vase containing a rose. The bear had a heart between its paws that said, "I love you". A little soon for I love yous, don't you think, Jared? I remember it well because later it became my cat's favorite toy to fight with. He really, really hated that bear. First it lost an eye, then the other eye, then the neck was torn open and the stuffing pulled out... So sweet. :D

1994. Hmm. Don't remember. OH wait! Everyone was depressed because one of the group, Lisa, was moving to California. We went to Damrows for coffee and took up three booths. I think Charles the Florist gave out flowers or balloons or something.

1995. Pink carnations from Ian and dinner at a crappy Mexican restaurant because we couldn't get in anywhere else. I don't think we were getting along.

1996. Was going to go hang out with Deanna but someone (Adrianna? Emily?) stopped me in my tracks when they said she was probably doing something with Chet, who at that time to me was the adversary, antichrist, father of lies, spawn of satan and prince of hell. (dated him for three weeks. contracted mono)

1997. Recieved a dozen roses from Josh. I don't remember if he was in town or not.

1998. Broke up with Josh. Awesome time.

I honestly can't remember anything from the next two years of darkness and despair. Not 1999, not 2000, not even 2001.

I think in 2002 Jason and I were renting videos. We decided to wear our wedding rings to the video store, which was suuuper naughty because we weren't married until the next day. Fun times! I guess that one is kinda happy.

After that they are a blur. Our anniversary is the day after so more emphasis is placed on that day.

Tomorrow for Valentines Day we're going to work out together. Then we'll come home and bake brownies, and proceed to eat the entire pan for the rest of the day. With ice cream. What's important is that we'll be TOGETHER!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Couple o things

I read recently that one of my old school chums who I have remained in contact with was arrested for possession of child pornography a la downloaded video on the external hard drive. This has weighed heavily on my mind. I don't have anything to add to that, I just wanted to say I've been thinking about it.

The other thing is that I heard from Dr. Dude today that I'm a bit low on the Vitamin D (shocking, I know) and that my Thyroid Stimulating Hormone is a bit low as well. I guess we're going to do some more tests re: Thyroid because that's just good fun.

Our furnace was off this morning. I think I know what the problem is. There's a flexible insulated duct that isn't adequately supported, and is sagging in spots. Apparently the reason this is bad is that condensation can get trapped in those sagging areas and make the furnace think there is an obstruction, thus tripping the safety shut off. I could be way off but you know, I AM a Samsa now. We know our heating and cooling. ;) Anyway, I went to Menards and purchased some adjustable pipe support things and now, no sagging! I am so cool. Srsly.

I'm sick. The kids are sick. I hope Jason stays well, but the outlook is not good because I never get sick... Oh, it's just a cold, but you know how these things can snowball.

I guess that was more than a couple o things. I'm such a lying liar!!!

Monday, February 09, 2009

Looking up

I get a gold star for not doing any yelling this morning when Mina was getting all worked up over something.

I cracked open The Child with Special Needs (not my favorite title but the contents are good) and got some good ideas, for example, working on games where we do things in different speeds. This will help Mina self-regulate, which is something she has a lot of trouble with. You know, it will probably be good for Leta, too. It helps to be reminded that for Mina, empathy and talking are much more effective than yelling and time outs... Though sometimes *I* need the time out because I'm too mad to think clearly or keep an even tone.

I was in a supremely bad mood on Saturday but by Sunday it had improved. I did go for a run on Saturday, though! I get a gold star for that too. I'm still sore.

We went to the Waisman Center Sunday to watch a puppet show. It was 30 minutes and the girls did great. We sat in the very last row with some nice ladies who were speaking in an unfamiliar language. Cullen was fussy so I went just outside the door in the hallway with him and the girls didn't even care. I could see them the whole time of course, but they seemed okay with being left with those other ladies. It was fun to watch their faces during the show. It was my first time going to the Waisman Center for anything. I don't know why, but it filled me with anxiety before--the thought of finding out about any classes, services, things of that nature. Sometimes I fail as a parent in this way. Baby steps, folks. I can pay at the pump, make appointments, and use drive through banking. Those are things I couldn't do ten years ago!

I hope the rest of the week continues to look up.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Friday tidbits!

  • Leta had a field trip to the post office today. Her favorite part was the conveyer belt.
  • I dropped Cullen off at Laura's today so I could get my blood drawn for various tests.
  • I brought three bags of clothes over to the new Savers that just opened over by East Towne Mall.
  • Dr. Dude called with hemoglobin news--borderline. I guess that's an improvement? Maybe? I don't know. He says the other tests should be about a week.
  • I have a new nephew! My step-sister had a healthy baby boy today.
  • I have a date with my husband in 17 minutes. A date here on the couch watching The Big Lebowski.
  • I have a sore throat and the girls have stuffy noses.
  • Cullen throws the worst tantrums, particularly when I put his shoes and coat on, when I put him in his carseat, when I pick him up to cross the street, when I pick him up for any reason whatsoever, when I take anything away from him or interrupt something he's doing, when I change his diaper... Well you get the idea. He has surpassed me in strength. This isn't good. I need to start lifting weights or something.

I'm too tired to write much right now, but I didn't want too much time to pass between posts. I hope everyone has a great weekend and those in this region enjoy the heat wave!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Hiya Friends!

We have been dealing with lots of Mina meltdowns over the last week. It puts me in kind of a bad mood and makes me not feel like writing.

BUT! There is a glimmer of hope.

1. I cut her hair tonight so it will no longer tickle her neck. I had to put it in a ponytail with barrettes the second she opened her eyes in the morning because OH GOD IT'S HORRIBLE THE HAIR THE HAIR PLEASE MAMA so hopefully that will help.

2. Her glasses have been away since the day she saw the Ophthalmologist and we finally got them back today. When she put them on, she said, "oooOOOooh! These are GOOD!" and she said she could see out of her "fadey eye". (angels singing) I was really scared that she would have a meltdown if her eyelashes touched the glass... So far so good.

3. Today was the third IEP meeting at school. This is the one where the IEP is actually written and I got to meet the woman who will be working with her to meet her goals... I'm happy with the way it went and excited to get started. She starts getting physical therapy tomorrow but I think the rest will be starting in about a week.

And now for a treat.

Mina:(Sitting at the kitchen table after school, eating the remainders of her lunch) I saw the best swimmer in the world.
Me: Michael Phelps?
Mina: Yeah.
Me: On T.V.?
Mina: Yeah.
Me: At school?
Mina: No, at home.
Me: Oh. Right. I knew that.
Mina: He'll be the best swimmer in the world until he dies, and then someone else will be the best swimmer in the world. Right mom. Mom. Right mom.
Me: Huh? Oh, right. Yeah.
Leta: I think it'll be Daddy!
Mina: Yeah, Daddy will be the best.

Oh that's adorable. We must cherish this time when Daddy is still like a super-hero. Maybe he always will be. I hope so.