Sunday, January 04, 2009

Ulcerative Colitis and the Appendix

My husband started complaining of some tenderness in the appendix area about a week and a half ago. Like the loving, supportive, empathetic wife that I am I told him to stop being so negative and that he was just being crazy. Every time he has mentioned it I have sighed heavily and rolled my eyes. I think it's because it's one of those things every hypochondriac complains about and I'm not saying Jason is a hypochondriac, but he has definitely been on edge ever since the whole UC immunosuppressants etc thing.

Anyway, again tonight he made a face and touched the lower right quadrant of his belly, saying, "This is where it is bothering me."

I decided to put an end to all this nonsense and do some reading about the appendix. After reading some arguments about the immune function of the appendix I got to thinking. Maybe Jason's appendix is somehow to blame for his autoimmune disease. It doesn't seem that far fetched to me, I guess, that there could be some inflammation there since it's right next to his inflamed colon. Okay, stop laughing at me. So then I ask google about it, and google tells me that having had an appendectomy appears to protect one from developing Ulcerative Colitis.

Now Desperate Housewives is on so I will just say... Now you know: I am a mean wife and I know nothing about medicine.

Edit: Okay. I'm back. So the question is, what about after a person already has UC? And, more importantly, when should we really be worried? Jason told his GI doc's nurse about it and she said something along the lines of "keep an eye on it". I don't know what that means. I'm thinking maybe the primary care doc should know about this pain. And apparently all of the internet.

Sorry Jason. Maybe I'll delete this.


Woman in a Window said...

Will Google do house visits with a knife? Now there's something to consider.

Anonymous said...

Don't wait till pain pattern and/or intensity changes. It's a good time to bring Jason to pay your friendly PCP a visit!

Anonymous said...

Hmm, now I want my appendix out. Well, both of my parents have had to have theirs out (my dad at 12 and my mom at 40-something). I've always thought it's just a matter of time...