Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mama Bear

Today when I picked up Mina from school and all three of us were walking on the sidewalk (Cullen was being carried) in front of school, chatting about the day in that slow, careful way that is so like getting a squirrel to eat from your hand, it happened.

I knew it was only a matter of time. I see big kids running around, being rough, not watching where they are going all the time.

Today I saw them coming but couldn't prevent a collision in time. Two big kids plowed right over Mina, knocking her to the ground hard, and without stopping were headed for the bus. Mina was still on the ground and I was yelling after them.

"HEY! Get back here and apologize!" They came back over and said "sorrysorry" and were turning around again. "Ask her if she's okay!" I ordered. "What's the matter with you? You should be looking out for the little kids!" More apologies, and then I let them go...

It was weird how easy it was to yell at kids I didn't know. They seemed like good kids, just being thoughtless and in a hurry to get to the bus, but I'm sick of these kids not looking where they're going. I'm always afraid they'll knock ME over while I'm holding Cullen.

Plus, they made Mina cry. They didn't see that and I'm kind of glad... But I did, and it felt terrible.


Maddy said...

Yup, not bad kids, just kids in a hurry.......there's always the fall out though.
Best wishes

Anonymous said...

This happens to me almost everywhere I go. I see kids doing this at the mall, on the sidewalk, at school, in the hallways, at coffee shops, at stores... everywhere. (The mall is the WORST) All I want to do is yell at them.

Woman in a Window said...

Go, go you! For some reason I don't have the courage to correct other kids. I think in years gone by society had a bigger hand in raising children. I think what you did was commendable.

kia (good enough mama) said...

Hi there,

I linked over to you from Faces of Autism. I think it's amazing what we moms will do to defend our kids - things that we otherwise would be far to shy/timid to do. Good for you for demanding an apology for your daughter! :)

Louise said...

I think being a parent makes it easier to yell at other people's kids. I do it most when they are being complete idiots in the street. Riding their bikes down the middle and not paying attention to traffic or traffic signs. They think they can do what they want. Do their parents let them think that? What about when the car that couldn't see them runs over them because they didn't both to stop at an intersection?