Friday, January 16, 2009

I did 33 push ups today.

6+8+6+6+7. Ninety seconds in between.

Look out, Governator!

Today is going to be a better day. It's another cold weather day with schools canceled. We will be forced out of the house shortly to follow my love to the shop and give him a ride to work. It seems Margot is in need of a brake job. I hope it doesn't cost a fortune... *crosses fingers*

I was very surprised this morning to find that I was a top contender in David McMahon's Post of the Day with "Fine Tuning". You know, some posts you put a bit more time and effort into, like if you're telling a story you really enjoy or you really want to make sure you're conveying exactly the right feeling or something... But I haven't felt like making that sort of effort in the last month or so (hmm perhaps that is why readership is down). What I mean is that usually you have a pretty good idea if you may have written something that stands apart from the average quick stream of consciousness word spew. Well anyway, David, glad you are still encouraging excellence in others even if I don't really feel worthy. ;)

Now to get dressed!


Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's good to be forced out into the cold.


Maddy said...

You deserve it just for the push ups dearie!