Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Hiya kids!

Last night was terrible and today was very low functioning. Neat, huh?

Sleep is the glue that holds me together, folks.

My temper is hot and my thoughts are grim but I have made a real resolution. So often I have felt spread too thin and unable to do anything well. This applies to housework, art, every aspect of life.

I'm going to stop trying to keep up with EVERYTHING all at once, and the things I do... I want to do exceptionally well.

That is all.


Anonymous said...


YES.....! Good.

I am gratful for your post.

I am grateful for your plan...

We should do an art trade?????

let me know....

hugs and kisses

hadjare said...


I had a long comment. It's gone now.

Basically. I am operating much the same this month. During the day I take care of Morella. If anything else gets done -- hey bonus. When she goes to bed, I watch my TV show (Dexter right now) which is one hour, then if I have energy I do something else but go to bed by 10. It's entirely self indulgent, but it's my birthday present to myself.

Woman in a Window said...

That's it, isn't it? It's impossible to do it all. We need to learn to accept when enough IS enough.
be well.

kristi said...

I feel as if:
I always have dirty dishes
I always have dirty laundry
I always have an unfulfilled hubby
My kids resent that I take time to pursue my degree (especially my teen)

But I am doing the best I can. Whether they know it or not!