Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy belated birthday to Aleda

I'm so bad at birthdays (and Christmas and anniversaries and just showing thoughtfulness in general). My friends know this about me, I think, and so I was going to completely shock Aleda by sending her a package. I ran into a couple of problems though. I don't have her current address. Before Christmas would have been a good time to get it, but um... since I failed at cards this year... Yeah. Anyway, also I just totally missed it. I saw it coming up, and I said, "Oh there it is, two weeks away," and then "Oh there it is, ten days away," and then "Oh it's coming up in just one week!" and then all of a sudden it was already over with!

Anyway, internet, meet Aleda. She was my BFF in high school. She showed me such kindness when all I could do was growl and spew venomous words. She was gentle and sweet and funny and just like my very own Weetzie Bat. She played with my hair and called me a vamp, a ruthless heartbreaker, mysterious, all the things that made my frown curl into a smirk when nothing else would. When I ranted about things she'd say, "Oh Hilary I love listening to your rants!" Yeah she was special like that. Did she know that I envied her eyebrows or her cute, lighthearted ways? Everyone was in love with her. She was so like a fairy. Childlike and mischevious and beautiful and dangerous, rolled into a girl whose letters always spilled pink glitter and feathers and flower petals all over the kitchen table.

Aleda, wherever you are, I hope you had a fabulous birthday. I miss you, crazy girl.


Woman in a Window said...

What a sweet tribute. And her picture spills of the same description you gave, lovely, she is.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Ahhh I'm with Woman in the Window, she looks gorgeous and your description reads like she is. Happy Birthday H's friend.