Saturday, November 29, 2008

Weathering the storm in my sleep

I managed to remember a dream Thanksgiving night even though I wasn't entirely sure that I ever fell asleep. I must have dosed off in the early morning sometime.

My most obvious recurrent dream symbol is the tornado.

Growing up, and up until I was around twenty, I used to have dreams all the time that I would be doing some mundane activity, and look up to see that five cyclones were headed straight for me. I'd start running around telling everyone, "Oh my god! We have to find shelter! Oh my god! The tornadoes are coming this way!" and no one would do anything and they would treat me like I'm just some crazy kid, and the general feeling was being out of control and extremely frustrated.

When I started trying to make some positive changes, getting rid of sources of pain, and embracing my more nurturing friends, and figuring out how to feel better... Then I had one where I was again doing something mundane, and again looked up to see all the tornadoes, and when I said, "We need to get in the basement!" everyone said, "Well you're probably being silly but just in case, we will go, to make you feel better". It was improvement.

When I started my life with Jason--not married, mind you, but sort of at that pivotal moment when you have to decide to abandon ship or dig your heals in... I had a dream that Jason and I were driving away together when there on the horizon I saw the tornadoes. I said, "Oh no! Tornadoes!" and Jason said, "Oh no! Let's get in the ditch together!" and I knew then that it was love.

Anyway, Thanksgiving night I dreamed of being in a basement while a tornado raged overhead. I was doing everything I could do, and would probably be okay, I just had to wait for the tornado to pass.

So I guess that's life right now. Hoping the tornado passes, and doing what I can to be safe while it's here.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Total Bumwads, Doda.

As my brother would say.

Jason caught the sick. Thanksgiving was delicious, but none of us got any sleep last night and this morning wasn't very good at all for my better half.

We came home early and I think he's starting to feel better now.

I know I won't get it. Moms aren't allowed to get sick. Those are the rules. I don't make this stuff up.

You can all start blogging like crazy now so I have something to read this weekend, kthnx.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Quick notes on Thanksgiving eve

I used the light box this morning. It wasn't as hard on the eyes as I thought it would be. In fact, it was just fine! Twenty minutes went by super fast. Also, I think I've finally figured out how much fish oil I need to take to make two grams. Tomorrow is when I move to a full dose of Wellbutrin. Well, what I mean is I go from taking 150 mg in the morning to 150 mg in the morning and 150 mg in the evening. So far I'm having no side effects and just feel normal.

Car trouble today made me cry though, really really hard. I could feel it happening as I walked out of the service department at Capital KIA, but I hurried back to the car before the water works exploded. You know what? It felt kind of great. I haven't had a hard cry in a long time! Why is it that kids throwing up doesn't make me cry but car trouble pushes me over the edge every time? Luckily it's all resolved now. Thank you Capital KIA for fitting me in today and fixing everything for free. Now we can attend Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow!

Anyway... I'm thankful for all of the awesome people in my life. All of you make me feel like I am never alone.

I'd like to do a separate post for Thanksgiving, but I'm not sure I'm going to have time. I'm thankful, though, that I won't have time, because I have wonderful people to visit. ;)


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A sick day is a lot of 15-30 minute chunks

Every time Mina vomits I set the timer for 30 minutes. If she makes it that far, she can have a sip of water or ginger ale. Then I set it for 15 minutes, and if she makes it she can have another sip. So she gets a sip every 15 minutes, unless she vomits, then it starts at 30 again. This seems to be the best way to keep things happy.

Cullen is kind of tantrum-y today but no longer vomiting. I think he's mad because I'm not giving him solids.

Mina is curled up on the futon with a blanket and the giant mixing bowl by her side, and she is falling asleep right now.

Leta is energetic and bouncing off the walls. I am kind of crabby toward her and I feel bad about that.

I didn't try out the light box today. Hopefully tomorrow...


Madison deals with Norovirus outbreak

Mina woke me up a couple of hours ago saying that she was taking a drink of water when "the water just came splashing back out". Of course, I knew what was happening. I stripped her bedding, gave her a giant mixing bowl and said if she felt like the water was going to come splashing back out again, let it splash out into the bowl please.

An hour or so later she was up, up for good, asking what's going on, should she have any more water, she kind of doesn't feel good but she's not sick right? Not like Cullen right? Because those germs were killed by the bleach!

We sat together in the bathroom where Mina made me remove the rug "just in case it splashes" until Mina threw up a few times and felt ready to lay down again.

Luckily she hasn't been crying or completely freaking out, and I have been nice and calm (yay me!!!) about it all... But I have decided that I will just keep up with the laundry and not try to sleep because I hate interrupted sleep and I'm tired of tiptoeing in and out of my bedroom.

I will be calling her in to school today for sure.


More throwing up. She's being a good sport about it, and I am so thankful for that! She has finally figured out that it is much less unpleasant if it all goes in the toilet.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Times

So while I was at the dentist today the receptionist came in and said Mina was waiting in the office at school because she had early release today.

I rushed out of there to get her, then I went to get my GIGANTIC LIGHT BOX. This thing... Well that's another post.

Anyway, Cullen was crying and stuff so I gave him food and he threw it all on the floor. The kids were being jerks. My brain started to unravel. And then it happened.

Cullen threw up. Again. And again. And again. And again.

Thank god we still have some chlorox in this granola house. I do hope we don't all get it.

Cullen is now wrapped in a towel, laying in Jason's lap. Every time we move him, he throws up.

The girls are in their room watching Cinderella, waiting for their dinner of tater tots, and Jason and I have lost our appetites.

Ah, just in time for Thanksgiving.

Tidbits #8763423 !!!!!!

  • No Paxil today
  • Wellbutrin instead today
  • I called the medical supply store and my light box is waiting for me
  • What if there is so much happy in my brain that it explodes from all this Wellbutrin and light and Vitamin D?
  • I'm just kidding about that
  • I do feel a bit jittery but it could be ALL THE COFFEE
  • I get my teeth cleaned today and probably a scolding for not getting my dental work done. I'm planning on blaming my fear of dental work and the fact that it costs money and stuff like that. If I still get a stern look I will become adorable a la Tina Fey's Sarah Palin.
  • I'm getting a lot done today because I have energy and Cullen is actually taking a nap! Praise God!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Gee, I hope I wasn't too cocky

Last night I definitely felt like taking hostages. At one point I jumped on the couch and pulled my sweater over my head while Jason tried to make the children leave me alone. But, I pressed on, read to them, and didn't do any irreparable damage to their fragile little brains. That's always my goal! It's good to have goals...

TODAY I AM drinking coffee. Dr. Dude instructed me to take one more Paxil on Sunday so I will be needing this coffee.

Drugs, drugs, drugs, drugs. I'm sorry, folks, it's what's on my mind.

Sometimes I regret being so open about what is going on, like when family members worry about me. However, I don't want to filter my writing or start writing in different journals depending on the subject because that's too complicated for me and would discourage me from purging in this way, which is the best way I know how to stay sane.

Well, hugs to all on this Sunday. Live, Love, Laugh.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Feeling Great!

Today I didn't take the Paxil and I feel great. I'm awake, alert, I had a cup of tea and no coffee. I don't even feel like I need coffee!

Amazing what a week of feeling like total crap can do. Feeling normal is like a present from the universe.

Yesterday at 11am I already felt like I was dying and wanted to lay down on the floor of the doctor's office. I didn't care about anything. After my appointment I sat in the van just staring blankly ahead in the parking lot for about fifteen minutes.

I wasn't sure if I was going to feel horrible today as I hear discontinuing Paxil is PAIN, but then, I only took it for nine days and it was a low dose. Anyway, take THAT, Paxil! I feel awesome.

I'm the best quitter ever.

Yesterday I would have become too exhausted about 1/3 of the way through this post. Today I could go on, and on, and on! But I won't.

Just wanted to say hi.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Plan of attack

I went to see Dr. Dude today. I told him that Paxil was horrible and I counted the ways. He said I should stop taking it. I don't take it tomorrow. I take it on Sunday. Then I take Wellbutrin starting Monday which sounds much better, but who knows...

I also got a prescription for a light box. Yippee!

Dr. Dude says us whiteys need to take vitamin D in the winter and that I should be taking fish oil.

I go back in a few weeks for my physical so we'll talk again then, and I'm to call in the meantime if things get worse.

I didn't feel rushed, it was a nice and quiet talk, and I have to say that instances like this in particular show me how nice it is to have a family doctor who knows all of us and how I feel about things, what makes me nervous, remembers personal details from visit to visit and appears to actually care.

I couldn't talk to a stranger about such sensitive issues.

Writing a blog is different. ;)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Brain is out with the flu

I don't feel like writing right now. I'm just going to do the things I have to do to get by and sleep the rest of the time for the next couple of weeks, I think. I promise to emerge refreshed and ready to blog my heart out soon-ish. xoxo

Sunday, November 16, 2008


I saw the sun peek out for a minute this morning. I'm determined to have a good day today. I'm dressed (comfortably), my hair still looks like I cut it myself with a machete, but I did cover up my blemishes and throw some gloss on. The kids are (hopefully) working on getting dressed and we're going to grab the world by the tail and put it in our pockets.

I'm not even going to complain about --oh I almost did.


My wonderful husband has lovingly made gluten free steal cut oats every morning and filled our bellies with yummy warm comfort food. Thanks Jason!

Off to have a great day.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

darkish lightish place

Well folks, after a distressed call to Dr. Dude this week I am on day four of Paxil. So far it sucks the most ever. I hear that it is supposed to suck the most ever for a few weeks, and then it gives you a great big present of happy when your brain explodes. Does that sound about right, Dr. Internet?

I have concerns about this drug and I go back and forth about it. I'm writing everything down and get to see the doc face to face in a few days, when I will probably beg him for any and all suggestions, treatments, and possibly a different drug that doesn't make me want to sleep until it's all over.

Until then I will probably continue to feel shivery, thirsty, so tired I could die, dizzy (spells), headachey, nauseous, spacey...

Sometimes it's fun to be spacey, when you're in the bathroom and you can just get lost in the wood grain of the cabinet, but it's never fun when your kids are going, "are you LISTENING?"....

So, that's what's going on. Okay. I'm glad I told you all about it. Now excuse me if I sleep for a few weeks.

Friday, November 14, 2008

How did that HAPPEN?

How did it get to be Friday already? I guess I could do tidbits. Or not. There's the laundry buzzer, and the in-laws will be here at 8am and I'm so very tired. There are a couple of things going on that are on my mind but I guess they can wait. More... This weekend... Probably.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Woops, I guess I forgot to write yesterday. I think that because I posted so much the day before I should be forgiven.

I just found out that Laura's kiddo is in the hospital. :( I feel so bad for her. Okay. I'm out of time this morning.

Monday, November 10, 2008

recurrant mental image

This is what I picture sometimes when I'm feeling overwhelmed and cornered.

------SPECIAL REPORT-------

Cullen's first official word that is not mama or dada: lego.
this is actually tied with uh-oh.

two words in one day! Hooray Cullen!

Haha! Hilary trying to be a grown up! SO funny.

Portrait photograph of Bob Dylan taken by Daniel Kramer
Free picture taken from

After going to the YMCA and blowing off steam I came home to have lunch with Leta and Cullen. After lunch I changed Cullen and put him down for a nap, and sat down to respond to a couple of emails.

Then the phone rang.
It was Mina's school, wondering if I was going to pick Mina up today.
"Umm... her next appointment isn't until..."
"NO, it's early release," AHHH! Damn you, early release! It was already 20 minutes past release time... I assured her I would be there in 10 minutes.

I went into Cullen's room, and of course, he was covered in poop.

And then all of a sudden there was no more air and my eyes bugged out and my lungs collapsed and it was all over. The end!

My hair, this week, looks a bit "Bob Dylan" I think. I think my hair is sort of like a mood ring. I don't know why or how, but I swear it is alive and it changes depending on how I'm feeling.

Breaking News!

Dr. Dude just called to say Cullen's blood work is all normal. That means A)The remaining Thomas items we have aren't poisoning him with lead and B)He can continue with his steady diet of Cheerios!


You can all breathe a huge sigh of relief now and go on with your lives.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Every Sunday I am depressed.

I swear, it's true. I don't know if it's coincidence, but this is how it's always been and I have always hated Sundays. Maybe this is the day I do the most thinking. Maybe it's because I hated church as a kid. Maybe I also hated wearing itchy tights, having brunch, listening to Sunday morning jazz, all the listening and waiting and feeling stir crazy. Now all that other stuff is gone but I still feel the same feeling.

I'm getting worse at everything I do. I'm overwhelmed. I talk to friends, I have a great relationship with my husband, I get out of the house often, I'm involved in many projects, I exercise, I eat moderately well, I take vitamins, I dress up every day, all the things that make my life awesome and give me the best odds at not being a whiny depressed baby. I see my husband do things with ease that I struggle with. And I should just be happy because he helps out and is a good husband to me, and a good father, and good at his job, and excited about the things he's excited about, but it all goes through the depressed filter and I just feel like I'm not doing well. I know that in the months to come I'm going to need more patience and creativity and energy than ever, and I'm coming up empty.

I don't want to hear anything you have to say to me, because I'm bitchy and nothing sounds right when it goes through the depressed filter. Please, don't take offense to that. Just know that I *know* I'm doing a good job, the best I can, I know I'm not a failure, I know, I know, I know, but I also KNOW that I'm not doing as well as I would like to appear to be, I KNOW I am yelling too much, snapping too quickly, and this has been going on for a year, so it's not like I'm just having an off day. It's just becoming obvious that I need some intervention.

I know that my kids need me to not be depressed.

I feel like I'm trying everything and I still can't get a grip. It's so... fragile. I just need the teeniest amount of help. Just a smidge! Something. Just a tiny something. But what?

I'm not big on drugs, obviously, since I've worked soooo hard over the years to maintain stability without them. But there are more and more days lately when I wonder if I'm doing myself and my family a disservice by not considering something like that. And no, it's not just because the drug commercials are manipulating my emotions.


Well, I'm glad I got that off my chest. Happy Sunday, everyone! :P

Saturday, November 08, 2008

It happened again.

I was on the elliptical, getting in the zone, sweating buckets, and this time my heart rate (supposedly) went down to 60. I didn't feel weird or anything. It was during the portion when I was to go at least 6 mph, then I saw it go 88...87...86... the faster I went the more it dropped. Then when I dropped down to 3-4 mph it went back up to around 160.

I'm watching I'm Not There. I wasn't that excited about it when we were talking about what to watch but so far it's pretty good.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Job I want

I want to be a usability expert.

Quick list of things about today

  1. More furnace issues today. Jason has been working hard to keep us warm. I am thankful because I had to take the panel off the furnace this morning and I didn't much like it. I like taking things apart and putting them together, but not things that have, you know, gas, and fire, and that sort of thing.
  2. Drama at Leta's preschool/church (not involving Leta--just church doctrine)
  3. I have a new workout that I like. It is pretty quick and hard and not boring. Something kind of unnerving though, is that my heartrate went from 160-ish to about 80 for five minutes or so right in the middle. 80! I mean I was sweating and working my butt off, and I didn't really feel any different, so maybe the machine was malfunctioning.
  4. My skin is getting pretty bad (red). It made me cry a little today, because Jason asked what was making it bad and I said, "Going outside, exercise, taking showers! Being alive!" and then buried my face in my hands because I'm a basketcase.
  5. It snowed today. I wasn't happy about it. It wasn't good snow. It was sort of freezing rain snow. Sleet. Whatever. Can't make a snowman or go sledding with that.
  6. Mina has a LOT of extra energy.
  7. Still no word on Cullen's celiac blood work.
  8. My eyelids have started spasming again.

The End

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Two things! Or more!

Leta, Mina, and Mina's dog have been sitting in their room for the last ten minutes playing a nice, quiet, polite game of Candyland. This is pretty amazing.

Cullen had his blood work done in the lab at St. Mary's Hospital today. It took us forever to figure out where to go. First they told me to go to the other building, then they thought I had to register, then I had to go back to the other building, and is it just me or are hospitals always laid out in the most crazy, illogical way that makes if feel like a video game or something?

Anyway... when we DID get to where we need to be, I swear I heard Cullen say "Outside" for the second time, and I also swear that he has started saying a form of "What's that?". They sound very similar. Like "Azza!" and "AzzaT?" It's a complex language, baby-speak. The lab people were really warm and funny and nice. It took a while to get enough blood out of Cullen though. Tiny baby veins!

No word on the results yet. The doctor asked if he should mail the results or call. I chose the FASTER way, of course. I wonder if he will call or if one of the nurses will call. I remember talking to a nurse at Dean when we got Mina's test results.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Nothing to see here! *nervous high pitched laughter*

I was going to edit my last post to add this but decided my neurosis deserved a post of its' own.

I just read that women my age don't necessarily need the annual stuff so much, now I feel kind of worried because really it feels wrong to go to the doctor when I'm kind of healthy, but you know the only time I've ever had my cholesterol checked was for the life insurance physical when I was 22 and pregnant with Mina, and it was like 450 or something (I just know that it was REALLY HIGH). So I could be healthy or I could be a ticking time bomb!

I should probably confess that sometime early last year I think I had a kind of mental breakdown, and one of the ways I was affected was that I became preoccupied with the notion that I should be in PERFECT HEALTH and began wondering about every. little. thing. I don't know if that's the same as hypochondria since I didn't think I was dying from any diseases or anything, it was more like "WHOA there's a little blemish, better get that nipped in the bud..."

I mean it made sense to me to have a physical one year after having a baby. I don't know why because I don't see any information backing me up on this. Why am I so worried about this? It's just a physical. People have them all the time. I will get checked out and be sent on my way.


One Year Visit

This morning Cullen went to see Dr. Dude for his one year well child checkup. Highlights:

  • Cullen is in the 50th(ish) percentile for pretty much everything.
  • Cullen has fluid in one ear--keeping an eye on that.
  • Cullen's sternum sticks out on the bottom. Doctor says it will start to bug him when he's approaching middle age. I have to look into this more.
  • Phase one of flu shots. Phase two next month.
  • Other shots. Cullen sad. Cullen not like shots. Cullen smash--oh, it's over, nevermind.
  • Not quite over! Tried to do celiac blood test at the clinic but they said the fine people at the hospital lab are much more skilled at doing it on babies, so that's next on the agenda for torturing the boy.
  • Next stop is 15 months and of course they can't schedule things three months out at my clinic. Annoying!
I made my annual physical appointment today, too. Isn't that the most exciting news you've heard all day?

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

While I watch and wait...

Even the kids are excited about this election.


Mina is recovering like a champ. I asked her if her teeth hurt and she said they hurt a little but not as much as they hurt before. I haven't given her anything for pain. She's been in a good mood.

This week is Leta's week to provide snack at preschool. I did not bake cupcakes. I bought bags of graham crackers, cups of applesauce, and packs of yogurt and if that's not cool then I have raisins too. It also happens to be Mina's day to provide snack on Thursday. I bought the cool bags of applesauce with the twist off opening which the kids love, but she begged me very nicely to not make that the snack she brings because the kids always ask her if she's eating medicine when she has that in her lunch. I argued that if they all had one they would know it wasn't medicine, but she said, "Please, mom, just please..." :( I wanted to bring something soft that Mina could eat along with all the kids, that was what I was thinking. Sigh. Wow this is so boring. I'm not sure I can bring myself to publish.

Tomorrow I'll be writing about Cullen's doctor visit.

Seriously? I have nothing to say? I'm just going to strike out everything that I want to edit from this post, but I can't because... Well you should know that I never erase anything I write. I change things, tweak them, but I never delete more than a word at a time... And I never work on a post way ahead of time. I'm writing this now, at 9:58pm, and will probably publish it in a couple of minutes. I have NO drafts waiting. Maybe that makes me a less than stellar writer, but I just don't like planning things very much. I like to fly by the seat of my pants.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Mina's Tooth Extraction at Meriter (Mostly so I remember)

Today was the BIG DAY. And now I'm going to tell you all exactly how it went, just in case anyone else has a child who is about to get a tooth pulled.

1. No food or drink after midnight.
Mina had a small cup of icewater when she got out of bed. She was well prepared for this. Yesterday she even said, "It'll be kind of nice to not have to eat," HA! This from the girl who has to eat something every five minutes... Anyway, I told her she could sleep in as late as she wanted and she could wear her pajamas all day. She was pretty happy about that, however, couldn't stay in bed later than about 7:15am.

2. Check in at 10:30am.
It can take 25 minutes to get to Meriter, and then you have to consider the time it takes to park, get inside and to the right floor... I like to leave a generous margin of... error? I guess I just hate being late. So I left home at 9:45. I mean we were pulling out of the driveway at 9:45, not getting ready to leave, because we did that at 9:30, because you know it takes 15 minutes to get ready to leave.
Anyway... In we went to patient registration where they confirmed all of our information, gave us some paperwork and then sent us on our merry way to the pediatric ward.

3. Pediatrics
We rode the elevator up to the sixth floor and just as we were told, there was a sign on the wall for pediatrics and an arrow pointing to the left. We went down the hallway to the left and just as we were told, stopped at the second nurses station to check in. They led us to a room where Mina was checked out and answered questions--particularly reguarding her cough--many times. While we were in there another little girl was wheeled in and had apparently just finished the same thing Mina was about to do. She was still out and snoring. We decided to wait in the play area. Mina played half-heartedly with a few things before standing in the middle of the room, rotating nervously and saying, "I think we should GET OUT OF HERE. I really think we should leave. NOW."
"Why?" I asked, thinking she must be getting nervous about the procedure.
"Because I think that every kid who comes in here to play is SICK," she replied. God, she was right, but I had to be all, "NO... No... See, they just have teeth pulled and things like that, like you..."
Then, a nice man in scrubs came along with a bed and had Mina hop on for a ride!

4. The Operating Room (henceforth known as the OR)
Mina loved the bed ride, down hallways, in the elevator down to the 4th floor, through the door to the OR. I felt a little funny being in there because I saw lots of signs saying I needed to not be in there. They wheeled her into a big room with other people in beds and privacy curtains where she was parked at the end on the left.
I talked to a couple of uh... nurse people (I don't know. They all just wear scrubs. It's so hard to tell who is who...even though they all wear identification around their necks). Dr. DentistDude came in to go over the treatment plan and answer any questions. (Pull tooth. Fill other fillings.) Then the anesthesiologist came in, which was really what I was most concerned about. She explained that I would walk out with them but then they would take Mina back to the OR without me. Then they would put a mask on her which smells of bubble gum, and have her take some deep breaths. She would relax and fall asleep. They would put tubes in her nose and down her throat. They would give her an IV, heart monitor, and she (the anesthesiologist) would be there watching and monitoring everything the whole time. That made me feel a little better.
So, then we wheeled Mina out, and they explained to her that mom had to stand behind the red line because only people with special clothes could come into the OR, and so I stood behind the red line and waved as they took her on a fun ride. Weeeeee!

5. Waiting
The other OR people coached me to wait until Mina turned the corner and then I should go out the door and down to the end of the hall, where I would see a woman with a clip board, and she would take care of me.
I did just that and there she was. She walked me into the OR waiting room, looked on her sheet and then wrote a number on a post-it. She then showed me the TV screen "grease board" which showed the status of everyone by number. Since it was noon, she encouraged me to go down to the cafeteria and get myself a discounted lunch. I'm glad I did. I had the greek chicken salad and it was delicious and huge and about four dollars. I saw that lots of doctors were getting that so I figured it must be decent.
I got back to the waiting area at 12:30 and spent the next hour staring at the "grease board", guzzling free coffee and writing in my sketchbook. I felt a little sad and scared and wished I had a familiar face to just... be around.

6. Post-Op
Dr. DentistDude came in and snagged me for the post-op talk. He explained that the tooth next to the tooth they pulled was worse than they expected. They had to put a crown on that one. He also said they didn't need to use a spacer because her top teeth had good contact with her bottom teeth and he didn't expect them to shift, and a spacer would just be a food trap. He filled her other cavities with the white stuff and billed for the silver stuff (nice. way nice.) because sometimes insurance co's will only cover the silver, and if you do the white they'll cover for the cost of silver and you pay the difference, but often they won't cover it at all.

7. Recovery
Dr. DentistDude led me to the chair just outside the OR and said a nurse would come to tell me when I could come back. A few minutes later he came out to get me. He brought me over to Mina and I thanked him profusely. She was kind of half asleep still. They gave me her disgusting tooth in a box with a dollar coin attached to it. They told me the drugs she was on which included Zofran for nausea and Tylenol. She went for another ride back up to her room on the 6th floor where we were required to recover for at least an hour. Our roommate was still there! She'd had hers done at 9am and it was 1:45! I was afraid we would be there all day. However, just 20 minutes later, Mina was flipping through the channels on the TV, sighing heavily and complaining that she wanted to go home. That's my girl! The nurse told her if she drank half of her cup of water we could go. Well, once she realized it was half empty, she sat up and said, "I want to put my shoes on."
"I don't even know if you can stand..."
"I want to try," she said, and she stood just fine, and put her shoes on and was ready to go. They came back in to check her vitals and I signed out. We were home a little after 3pm.

Today and tomorrow it's nothing but soft foods, no straws. This info is from the nurses and the handouts they gave me. The doctor said she could eat whatever she wanted. I will err on the side of caution though, and not just because I bought all that soft food last night.

Mina's tooth is under her pillow but she still isn't asleep. She came out a little while ago to show me some gauze she got out of her mouth. She just came out again to tell me she doesn't really feel like laying down.

If you read that whole thing you deserve a prize.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

It is ALWAYS teeth.

So Cullen's been a super mega crankified baby this weekend. Today was the worst. No naps. Lots of crying, lots of throwing himself around on the floor. I noticed a bit of snot oozing from his nose too. "AWW shit, don't be SICK..." I thought.

Then, tonight, I stuck my finger in his mouth and felt his gums in the back. Spikes! Spikes coming through, on the bottom left... On the bottom right... On the top left... On the top right. Four molars all coming through, making everyone crazy.

I should have known. It's ALWAYS teeth.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Happy November First!

Happy National Blog Posting Month, or NaBloPoMo. It's going to be tricky, with Thanksgiving and birthdays and everything, but I think I can do it. What could possibly be easier?

Today I finally went to a little place called Sophia's. My mom has been raving about this place for a while now and she finally forced me to go today.

First, it was kind of hard to get to because it's on a one way street. It wasn't really hard. I don't know. I'm kind of a whiny baby. Moving on...

It's the tiniest little place on earth. There are three or four tiny tables in the place with scores of Madison hipsters crowded around them as if they're hovering around crack pipes or something. We squeezed up to the counter and ordered. I ordered some kind of black bean tomatillo taco with eggs and potatoes and OJ, and we got a chocolate croissant to nibble while we waited. We sat outside on rickety chairs around a rickety wooden TV tray, shivering in the cold, telling stories and waiting for our crack breakfast. Every now and then I would get up and peek in the door to see if we could snag a spot at a table.

Finally after an hour or so we got a spot inside sitting with another family who was just finishing up. Our food came right away after that, and the talking stopped for about five minutes. It was so tasty and obviously lovingly prepared. I was also very hungry by then that I think my eyes rolled back into my head as I chewed my first bite of taco and tomatillo sauce oozed out onto my potatoes and eggs.

And then, just like that, it was over, and there were other vultures circling people longing for indoor seating.

Anyway, glad I finally tried it. I won't be bringing the children there for a leizurely coffee date or anything like that, but I can definitely see it being a very uniquely Madison experience with an almost cult-like following. Visiting parents will be scrunched around tables with other different visiting parents, feeling the rush of it all... Anticipating their farm fresh hippy breakfast. Mmmm.

I'm so distracted with hungry thoughts that I can't seem to wrap up this post. Somehow I don't think this leftover Halloween candy is going to cut it...