Sunday, December 28, 2008

Year in review

I've had this blog since 2004 but I didn't really use it until about a year ago. Now it's time to reflect and do the Year In Review.

Several recurrent topics: depression and RAGE!!!, various hellish skin problems, lots of sickness

  • vowed to get in shape, remember birthdays, clean the garage and start parking in it.
  • started using Google Analytics
  • car broke down (saved a bundle going to Import Auto Clinic instead of dealer)
  • lots of knitting and running (brrr)
  • celebrated six years of marriage
  • trip "home" for nephew's birthday party
  • got "Why Does The Sun Shine?" stuck in my head for a long time
  • sick family all the time
  • Leta got a camera for her 4th birthday
  • I went to the dentist!
  • root canal
  • sick family all the time
  • Leta's birthday party
  • had a date with Jason
  • Leta went to the dentist
  • Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School
  • Mina went to the dentist
  • visited Chelsea in Steven's Point
  • yard work
  • Mother's day weekend with Grandma and Mom
  • started donating blood
  • birthday party at Cafe Montmartre
  • severe weather! floods! disaster!
  • Samsa family reunion
  • cut the dickens out of my finger!
  • trying to make finger better
  • Mina's "anti-Leta" phase
  • Cullen's nipple-biting phase
  • visit from step-brother
  • sharpie drawings
  • reminiscing about Damrow's
  • I started wearing my panama hat (thanks, Shannon!)
  • hip x-ray painting got some attention (street anatomy, kevin md, animal new york...)
  • Cullen saw dentist about his fused tooth
  • new x-ray painting
  • Leta started preschool
  • aaaaand sick
  • Mina started kindergarten!
  • Patrick Saunders died unexpectedly
  • started participating in Illustration Friday meme
  • sick kids
  • Mina turned six!
  • high school reunion (trip to Appleton)
  • brother-in-law's wedding (another trip to Appleton)
  • chaperoned my first field trip
  • new hairdo
  • Cullen's first birthday!
  • furnace trouble
  • Mina stopped receiving services from WEAP
  • Mina's tooth extraction
  • finally giving in to nervous breakdown--hysterical call to doctor=paxil prescription=terrible horrible crippling depression
  • switched to wellbutrin, light box, supplements=lots of highs and lows
  • NOROVIRUS hits--three out of five Samsas violently ill
  • spread it all around at Thanksgiving--you're welcome, Appleton!
  • adjusting to medicated life
  • Mina got glasses
  • annual physical
  • Cullen started taking steps!
  • couldn't donate blood due to anemia
  • Mina has pink eye!
Well, that's it so far. It doesn't seem that impressive when I sum it up in this way, but trust me it totally was. :P


Maddy said...

Well that seems like a very productive exercise although I don't think I'll manage a similar summary.
Cheers for a fabulous 2009

Woman in a Window said...

That might be a frightening thing to do, list it all out there in bare little nubs to see what it has added up to. But after all my time coming here I realize you're a brave woman.

Here's to 2009!