Sunday, December 07, 2008

Not very "Madisony" of me

We are in the thick of dry skin season here in Wisconsin. While I'm sure most of the locals are feeling the pinch from paying out the wazoo for the latest berry extract goo, I'm going another way...

Petroleum jelly has been my first aid for extreme dry skin for a while but never have I slathered it on daily in place of lotion. That is, until I read this dermatology blog article and decided I would give it a try.

This is day two and so far my skin is looking and feeling pretty great! Sure, it doesn't smell delicious, it feels kind of gross going on, and it's PETROLEUM JELLY... But my legs are seriously smooth and not itchy like they were before (despite liberal daily applications of Lubriderm).

It's still possible that I'm going to break out in a horrible rash or full body acne or something, but so far so good. I'll keep you posted.


Woman in a Window said...

ABSOLUTE BEST CREAM EVER and I've had my problems: Glysomed. It's in a green tube. REally, best ever! And smells alright.

Anonymous said...

I think nothing works as well as patrolium jelly, really. I mean, when your skin is really, really dry, nothing works as well. Sometimes Mike's hands (or my legs) will be so red and dry that only Vaseline works.

When we were first dating, his hands were really cracked and red one day. I convinced him to cover his hands with Vaseline at bedtime and then put socks over his hands (so it wouldn't get all over everything/rub off and not do as much). He thought I was crazy, but he woke up with beautiful, healed skin. He's done it at least once since, when it was an emergency. And I used Vaseline on my lips all through highschool.

All hail Vaseline.