Saturday, December 27, 2008

Not the same kind of crust as a pizza or a pie

We've been back since Christmas night, but it took me a little while to catch up with things.


I had a sinking feeling last night when I was putting the girls to bed and Mina was saying her eye tickled. It was very red. I wondered not if, but WHEN she would wake up and scream about her eye being glued shut. Calmly, I told her that there might be germs in her eye and she should not rub it because then the germs would get on her hands, and maybe to her other eye, and maybe to the rest of us. She had a tiny eye booger that was driving her nuts and we removed it with a wet cotton swab.

This morning around six the crying started.

"My bad eye won't open!" She yelled from under her comforter.
"No problem," I said while running a washcloth under some warm water. "We just need to hold this washcloth against your eye for a minute."
When I approached her with the cloth, do you think she would let me near her? Noooo. Screaming and hiding under the blanket, shaking, hysterics... When I told her that she could hold it on her own eye, she still resisted. The other eye started to look like it was crusting over, too. She couldn't see out of either eye. I tried and tried to talk to her, until I finally gave up and turned on cartoons.

Thirty seconds later she wanted the washcloth.

I suppose I should be calling the doctor's office Monday.

Everyone has a pretty bad cold right now, of course. Lots of sniffling and coughing and mouth breathing. Cullen and I are healthy (ish). I feel a little post-nasal drippy but nothing too bad. No coughing, no sniffling. Sometimes I wish I had one of those hazmat suits.


Maddy said...

Pink eye is vile. Hope it clears up before school.

As for the sniffles I swear by Olbas oil, which is eucalyptus based. A couple of drops on the chest and the fumes purge the junk out of your head.


Woman in a Window said...

And to think I thought there'd be a recipe in this post!

Nothin' to fight the eye but antibiotic drops, at least not that I've encountered.

Hope your Christmas was merry!