Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I'm not a photographer

Here is Mina multi-tasking. 1) looking through her glasses 2)deciding what to eat next 3)writing and coloring 4)getting her picture taken

I bet you thought she was just having a snack. Do you see how complicated life is when these organizational skills don't just come naturally? She is thinking very carefully about four things at the same time.

Leta really wanted me to take a picture of her in her new glasses, too. I let her wear sunglasses in the house if she wants to because it keeps her from saying that she can't see out of one of her eyes and needs glasses just like Mina. I hope she will get bored with it soon. Mina thinks Leta's preoccupation with her crooked sunglasses is pretty funny. You can see she's trying very hard not to say something mean here.

I just hope she doesn't break/lose her glasses today at school.


Caitlin Dale said...

Aww. They are sweet.

Anonymous said...

She is cute in glasses.. Does she see the difference when she looks at something? Is it something that will correct itself over time?
Can you get insurance or have a phone number etched into the frames so if she does lose them it won't cost you an arm and a leg each time.. Kids lose glasses !!!!

Zip n Tizzy said...

So cute, both of them.

hadjare said...

LOVE the last picture! Leta was telling showing me her special sunglasses yesterday and when Morella wanted to taste them she was told under no circumstances were they for "babies."

PS. My verification word was "spores"

Woman in a Window said...

Gawd, those kids are so of your loins. Mine don't look so much like me and I always find it startling when they resemble their parents. Sweet kids.

Louise said...