Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I'm almost done saying The Line


Okay. Really. This is getting out of hand.

Moving on...

My grandma gets worried when I don't post for a few days so I'm sure the rest of you do too, right? No? Well I will post more anyway, because I love my grandma.

Since I don't have any big thing I want to say, I will do some tidbits:

  1. We've all had a cold for a few days.
  2. We got a ton of snow today and Madison public schools were canceled.
  3. We broke a shovel.
  4. I spent way too long tonight reading archives from my livejournal and cracking up. Yeah, I think I am funny. Mostly I was laughing at stories about the kids.
  5. My lips are in pain. Winter is pain. Wind is pain.
  6. I'm getting anxious about my upcoming doctor visit.
  7. I got out three Christmas decorations today. It's a start, right? I think this weekend we shall get a tree. This week I need to figure out where to put it. I need to stop being such a grump for the sake of the starry eyed children who can not stop talking about Christmas.
  8. Mina and Leta got along famously today. They were laughing so loud all day it was kind of driving me crazy, but it was kind of great. I get to see the inside scoop on what it's like to have a sister. Kind of like having a brother, because they have so much fun together, but different because they are SLIGHTLY more considerate. Maybe.

Okay. Time for bed.


Anonymous said...

I finally made the migration to this journal about a week ago (I miss reading your posts on LJ) because I am slow. And busy. But I have not figured out how to post a comment with my LJ id. It wasn't working for me before, anyway. Maybe today will be different (although I will copy and paste, for sure).

All I have to say is: winter IS pain. I had that revelation yesterday as I was stuck inside all day with my snurfy, feverish Henry. We spend at least four months of the year "just getting through" to the other side. I do, anyway. Speaking of which, what is the brand of lightbox that you got? I need to get one, no question about it. I am definitely blue.

Louise said...

Our decorations are still in the attic. And we're leaving town this weekend. Back in the WAY olden days, the tree went up on Christmas Eve. Maybe that isn't such a bad idea.

I'm with you on the dryness. I live in the desert and it's cold lhere. (And I sort of refuse to use the heat. It comes on automatically when the warmest spot in the house gets to 54... my bedroom was 48 this morning.) ANYWAY, I can only handle so much petroleum jelly. I do 2 things to stay soft. One is my weekly bath filled with nice, soft things. The other is L'Occitane. A BIT pricey, but everything is the best I've ever used, all natural, and lasts forever, so it's probably cheaper than WalMart stuff.